7 Things That Productive People Do In The First 10 Minutes At Work

Ah, a new day at the office. But will it be a good one, full of productivity? Even though offices can be unpredictable places, there are things that productive people do differently to squeeze the most out of their work day, every day.

Productive people know that the first 10 minutes of their day in the office can make or break the amount of work they can get done. Productive people make sure to follow through with a few actions before they get down to business.

So if you’re interested in super charging your productivity, do these 7 things in the first 10 minutes at work.

1. Write 3 things you’re grateful for
A study on gratitude done at the University of Miami found that people who kept a daily journal of gratitude were happier, more productive and much happier. Sheryl Towers, professional development coach, says in her bookSeeds of Success: “The results of the study indicated that daily gratitude exercises resulted in higher reported levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism and energy. Additionally, the gratitude group experienced less depression and stress, was more likely to help others, exercised more regularly and made more progress toward personal goals. According to the findings, people who feel grateful are also more likely to feel loved.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Tipu Sultan: He fought British and now Hindutva fanatics fighting him

By IndScribe

The BJP’s bigotry is well-known as far as Tipu Sultan is concerned. They don’t like Tipu and there are reasons.But first go back to history, which is very clear. Tipu Sultan fought British and they feared him, this can’t be erased from history.

Not just Tipu, his father Hyder Ali had also fought Britishers and defeated them. But, even Hyder Ali, is not liked.The reasons don’t need to be explained. There were no other figures in contemporary India, then, who dared fight British.

492px-Tipu_Sultan_BLTipu Sultan ( Courtesy : wikimedia )

Tipu defeated British and later got martyred in the last Anglo-Mysore war. There are records of communication between Tipu, his persistent efforts to forge unity among Marathas and Nizams, to establish a joint front against the British.

Both Marathas and Nizams ditched him. He wrote to Napoleon, be befriended British, did everything possible to evict British. But these aspects have no value for those who simply hate Tipu.

Yet, in case of Tipu Sultan, the right-wing ‘dig out’ out entire history, make an effort to find anything negative just to abuse, even spread falsehoods, to term him and declare him ‘anti-Hindu’.

Fine, sometime do remember, Shivaji’s attacks within the country, plunder of Surat, too. Do talk of other historical figures too who sided with British or your interest in history is limited to targeting a man whom you don’t want to accept as a hero. Read the rest of this entry »

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What the Western Thinkers Said about Islam

What the Western Thinkers Said about Islam
Islam came like a flood of light – it illumined the entire environment. Its charm so captivated many that they moved into its fold – but those who, for a variety of reasons, did not enter its fold, were also spell-bound. They could not help admiring its beauty, splendour and grandeur. They confessed its greatness and paid tributes to it. Their evidence is important in one respect: it comes from those who are not within it, from many who have, on the whole, been rather antagonistic; but they too had to admit its unique features, its serenity that casts its spell on all and sundry. It is a selection of such evidence that we now present.

Islam: A Simple, Humanitarian and Attractive Religion

“Islam had the power of peacefully conquering souls by the simplicity of its theology, the clearness of its dogma and principles, and the definite number of the practices which it demands. In contrast to Christianity which has been undergoing continual transformation since its origin, Islam has remained identical with itself.”
(Jean L’heureux, Etude sur L’Islamisme P.35)

“Two features in the Creed of Islam have always specially attracted me. One is the God conception, the other is its unquestionable sincerity – a tremendous asset in human affairs, the religious aspect of them especially. After all, sincerity is almost divine and like love covers a multitude of sins.”
(Major Arthur Glyn Leonard, Islam – Her Moral and Spiritual Value, London, 1927)

“Sense of justice is one of the most wonderful ideals of Islam, because as I read in the Qur’an I find those dynamic principles of life, not mystic but practical ethics for the daily conduct of life suited to the whole world.”
(Sirojini Naidu, Lecture on “The Ideals of Islam vide Speeches and Writings of Sirojini Naidu, Madras, 1918, P 167)

“The rise of Islam is perhaps the most amazing event in human history. Springing from a land and a people alike previously negligible, Islam spread within a century over half the earth, shattering great empires, overthrowing long established religions, remoulding the souls of races, and building up a whole new world – the world of Islam…For the first three centuries of its existence (circ.A.D. 650-1000) the realm of Islam was the most civilised and progressive portion of the world. Studded with splendid cities, gracious mosques, and quiet universities where the wisdom of the ancient world was preserved and appreciated, the Muslim world offered a striking contrast to the Christian West, then sunk in the night of the Dark Ages.”
(A.M Lothrop Stoddard, Ph.D., The New World of Islam, London 1932, pp1-3) Read the rest of this entry »

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Minor Offences

Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “O Aishah, abstain from the sins which are looked upon as trivial, for they too will be inquired about by Allah.” [Musnad Ahmad, Nasa’i]

Sins are termed as major or minor essentially because of their gravity in terms of their effects on individuals and society. Thus, some sins are considered most heinous and incur divine wrath. Among such sins are: shirk (associating partners with Allah), displeasing one’s parents, murder, bearing false testimony, adultery, fornication, practicing black magic, devouring riba (interest), stealing from an orphan’s wealth, etc. Read the rest of this entry »


What’s My Future

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Whoever wants to know what Allah has prepared for him, should look to what he has prepared for Allah.” [Abu Nu’aym, al-Hilyah. Silsilah as-Saheehah]

What a beautiful, simple formula to calculate one’s future with! Match yourself against the Quran and the Sunnah to know who you are, and look what you have set aside for Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) to know what Allah the Almighty and Majestic has prepared for you.

It is imperative that a person take his soul to account and treat his deficiencies. Umar (radi Allahu anhu) said, “Take account of yourselves before you are taken to account, weigh your deeds before they are weighed.”

Hasan al Basri (rahimahu Allah) said about the ayah, “No. I do swear by the criticizing self…” [Surah Qiyamah: 2], “A believer will always be critical of himself in his food, his drink and his speech. A sinner will not criticize himself.” He also said “A believer is a guardian over himself: he takes account of himself for Allah. Those who take account of themselves in this world will be audited lightly in the Hereafter. Those who take this issue lightly will find their auditing very difficult.” Read the rest of this entry »

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A movie, a musician and a needless controversy

By Kashif-ul-Huda,

On August 31st, Raza Academy, a Mumbai-based organization of Barelwi sect, had issued a statement asking Maharashtra and Central Government to ban an Iranian movie “Muhammad: The Messenger of God.” The movie was made by famous Iranian filmmaker Majid Majdi and released on August 27th. The statement got traction in the Indian media as the music in the movie is composed by famous Indian music director A. R. Rahman.

The Raza Academy’s statement suggested they had problem because an actor has been indicated as playing the role of the Prophet. “Nothwithstanding sectarian differences showing pictures of the Prophet is sacrilegious within all Islamic traditions,” statement issued by Mohammad Arif Razvi of Raza Academy noted even though it acknowledged that movie did not show frontal or full-face representation of the Prophet.

The statement seemed confusing as to what is the real reason for objection to the movie. Regardless, Mohammad Saeed Noori, General Secretary of the Raza Academy called for legal action against A.R. Rahman and asked Indian and Iranian governments to ban the movie. The lack of coherence in the statement is what made ignore the statement at the first place.

Later interacting with the media, Mr. Noori was a bit specific about his objection: “We are against the title, People may use it in a bad manner if they don’t like the film, which will mean an insult to the Prophet.”

01They also managed to issue a fatwa which asked all Muslims who were associated with the movie to recite the kalima again to renew their faith. Read the rest of this entry »

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No intention to offend anyone: A.R. Rahman on blasphemy controversy

ar-rahman-dc-0306_0_0_0_0_0Mumbai, Sep 14 : Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman said on Monday that his “decision” to compose the music for the movie “Muhammad: The Messenger of God”, “was in good faith” with no intentions to offend any religious group.

Reacting to fatwa being issued against him over the film the musician refrained from sharing his “spiritual experiences” of working on the film as it’s something “personal” to him.

“This letter is for all those people, who have been aware of the recent events concerning me. I’m not a scholar of Islam. I follow the middle path and am part of traditionalist and part rationalist.

“I live in the western and eastern worlds and try to love all people for what they are, without judging them. I didn’t direct or produce the movie ‘Muhammad (PBUH), Messenger Of God.’. I just did the music.

“My spiritual experiences of working on the film are very personal and I would prefer not to share these,” Rahman shared through a letter posted on his official Facebook account. Read the rest of this entry »

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