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green_dome_minaret1) Tahiyyatul Wudhu
• After Wudhu.
• 2 Rakaats.
Benefit: Entitled to enter Jannat.

2) Tahiyyatul Masjid
• Upon entering Masjid & before sitting down.
• 2 Rakaats.
Benefit: To honour ﷲ͜عَزَّوَجَــــل

3) Ishraaq
• Performed 15 minutes after sunrise.
• 2 or 4 Rakaats.
Benefit: Thawaab of one Hajj & Umrah Read the rest of this entry »

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Lower thy wing to the Believers!

Lower thy wing to the Believers!

Let us consider the following ayat of the Quran (15:88)

“But lower thy wing (in gentleness) to the believers –
Yusuf Ali’s Translation.
“But spread the wings of thy
tenderness over the believers” – Muha
mmad Asad’s Translation.
The Arabic term “janaah” refers to a
“wing” of a bird. But do we have
wings? Please refer the footnote
given by Muhammad Asad for the
1 / 4

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My First Teacher

by Shahjahan R

It was 1996. It was two years since I resigned my job in a publishing concern, undertook various works for a living, and lastly started a desktop publishing unit (DTP – typing and layout desining of books).
I purchased a computer, but, to be frank, I have never touched a computer earlier! In the company where I worked earlier as a manager, there were a few systems. Computer operators used to operate them, but I have never touched one. I have seen the backside of the monitor through the small windows in railway booking / bank counters. Those were the days when people used to believe that computers must be kept in AC room, otherwise they will heat up… If you press any wrong key by mistake everything will be lost…
The computer which I purchased for my DTP unit was a 386 model, i.e. IBM 386. IBM means not a branded one, but an assembled one, with an Intel i386 microprocessor. One of my friend’s friend’s friend was running a computer assembling company in Munirka, and he brought the system and fixed it in our office. People who read this story today may not be aware what is a 386. Before 386, there was another version called 286. Even before that, there were systems without hard disks. Anyway, let me come to my system.
The system had 260 MB hard disk, Windows 3.0 version, Page Mager 4. UPS were not common then, and so I had opted for a power stabiliser which weighed about 8 Kg, and costed 6500 rupees. A 14″ monochrome monitor. I had already purchased a Laser Printer – HP Laserjet 4Plus – with the help of Nakkeeran Gopal. That was the best printer HP ever produced.
My Computer had 4 MB RAM (YES, not 4 GB, just 4 MB)! If you are surprised about 4 MB RAM, I will narrate another story. After a few months, I wanted to increase the RAM, as my system was slow. Through one of my friends I got another 4 MB RAM – i.e. 4 chips of 1 MB each – for 800 rupees. So, all the 8 slots of RAM in the motherboard were full !
Those were the days when we used to type in MS-DOS. Even formatting of typed text could be done in DOS – i.e. Disk Operating System. For copying, deleting of files, we used DOS commands. Completed works were saved in floppy disks. There were two kinds of floppys – one was 5.25″ and another 3.5″. Microsoft Word was yet to come. Read the rest of this entry »


How to protect your marriage

by Dina Mohamed Basiony

13-1One of the most striking and most alarming hadiths that draw our attention to a major problem we may not be paying attention to is the following. Please read it carefully:

Jabir reported that Allah’s Messenger SAW said:

“Iblis places his throne upon water; he then sends detachments (for creating dissension) ; the nearer to him in rank are those who are most notorious in creating dissension. One of them comes and says: “I did so and so.” And he says: “You have done nothing.” Then one amongst them comes and says: “I did not spare so and so until I sowed the seed of discord between a husband and a wife.” The Satan goes near him and says: “You have done well.” A’mash said: He then embraces him.” [Sahih Muslim]
So to Iblis (Satan/Shaytan/the accursed devil) there is an ultimate goal considered most beloved and pleasing to him. This is: breaking up between a husband and wife and creating disagreements between them.

We find this manifested in many cases. Sometimes a husband won’t stand listening to his wife, he’ll even find her sound annoying and keeps thinking about her complaining all the time, and how she doesn’t appreciate him and how she isn’t feminine enough and and and… so he starts despising her and losing his temper with her.
You may also find a wife that keeps thinking about how annoying her husband’s habits are, how disrespectful it is for him to leave those dishes at the sink …every.single.time! How he doesn’t listen to her attentively when she speaks, how he isn’t like her friend’s husband who is a noble prince (in her imagination only, but he probably also leaves the dishes at the sink), how her husband is not like that dreamy actor from the movie and and and…. so she starts despising him and losing her temper with him.

You’ll find many stories like this. Many couples getting on each other’s nerves and suspicions arising between them…

A small and almost insignificant issue could blast a major fight and disagreement between couples that last for days or even months.

The problem is, many of our brothers and sisters are unaware that:

a) these are all from the works and tactics of Iblis and his followers.

b) Iblis and his followers will surely attempt to create this disagreement between married couples.

Why is Allah allowing this? To test us. Because we are here to be tested. Success is not through having perfectly smooth marriage with no problems at all. Success is when couples learn how to discipline themselves, have patience, get over their egos and masterfully compromise for the sake of peace and mercy and tranquility in their hearts and their lives. And Allah will test who will follow His guidance and who will follow the whispers of Iblis. Read the rest of this entry »


A Penang heritage entertainment hub is called as “Nagore Square”.

அப்துல் கையூம்

Nagore Square is positioned as a lifestyle destination with a mixed use of retail, arts & cultural, F&B and entertainment area along the intersection of Jalan Burmah and Jalan Nagore and stretching up to Jalan Bawasah. The precinct will be a hybrid of indoor and outdoor spaces and showcasing the heritage designs of old world such as the Little Shanghai heritage–amidst the contemporary settings of a functional lifestyle gathering and entertainment center in a shopping/dining village concept. It highlights a lifestyle repositioning, delivering a dynamic urban experience and communal space for gathering and interaction.
The name NAGORE attracts curiosity. The name must have something to do with the Nagore of Tamil Nadu, India. The square is lined with rows of double residential houses now turned into restaurants, cafe and shops.The architecture is unique in the sense that it combines the Eurasian, Chinese, Muslim and Indian style .The night lightings is excellent.


அப்துல் கையூம்

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IUML History


IUML History


And hold fast all of you together, to the cable of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves. – Holy Quran 3: 103


The Indian union Muslim league (IUML), the only representative political organisation of the Muslims of India, has completed 67 years of splendid services to the country and to the community. It has been in the pursuit of socio-political empowerment of the Muslim Ummah and other deprived sections of the people upholding the democratic rights guaranteed by the constitution of our country. IUML has undertaken strenuous efforts to reach out to the grass root level by mobilizing people on secular democratic ideals with a thrust on social justice and communal harmony. IUML calls upon the youth to take stock of the present situation and formulate future course of action in consonance with the lofty objectives of the party.


Let us have a brief overview of the lessons of history. Needless to say, the partition of the country turned to be a setback to the Muslims of northern India. The nation witnessed the unprecedented flow of refugees, millions in number, to and fro. About two million poor people were brutally assassinated in broad day light. Distinguished leaders of Muslim community migrated to the newly formed Muslim nation. Practically there was neither a leader to console the community nor an organization to look after them.

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Practice What You Preach



The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “A man will be brought forth on the Day of Resurrection and thrown into the Fire. Then his entrails will be spilled out into the Fire, and he will be forced to walk around and around like a donkey in a mill. The people of Hell will gather around him and will say, ‘O So-and-so, what is wrong with you? Did you not enjoin us to do good and forbid us to do evil?’ He will say, ‘I used to order you to do good, but I did not do it myself, and I used to forbid you to do evil, but I used to do it myself.’ Then he will walk around and around like a donkey in a mill.” [Bukhari]

This hadith warns us to practice what we preach. If a person helps to bring others into Allah’s obedience he/she will be rewarded equally for all the good deeds the other person does and all the bad deeds that the other person refrains from. Some people think that with all the credit they might be getting they do not need to bother with their own conduct. The above mentioned hadith describes clearly what the end is of those who neglect themselves. Read the rest of this entry »