Lots of sleep and sudden death

Allah almighty ordered us to pray in night (the last third period of night) as it is considered to be the most important kind of worshiping Allah the only creator, what is the new about the importance of waking up in the night?…

Allah says in the holly Qur’an about this life:”O my people! Truly, this life of the world is nothing but a (quick passing) enjoyment, and verily, the Hereafter that is the home that will remain forever.”[Sûrat Ghâfir (The Forgiving)- verse 39].so, every work for not the sake of Allah is indeed worth nothing in the day of resurrection when no work will benefit human except done works for the sake of Allah. One of the great works in Islam is the prayer in night because the believer don’t sleep a lot of time as he or she is concerning about the hereafter and the day when he or she will stand in frontof Allah the creator.

But couple of years ago some studies had been published to confirm that sleeping for a long time is good and can be a reason for a long life. Here, some kind of contradiction did occur between science and Qur’an. How can we understand the science facts while Allah orders us a reverse order to that science?

Always, we have to understand a golden rule that the Qur’an is always right even there is a contradiction between science and Qur’an because one day the rightness of the Qur’an will be clear to all people.

That calls us to claim that this scientific fact is wrong, and that what exactly happened! The new studies had confirmed that sleeping many hours may limit the life of people. According to the latest researches some American researchers did confirm that  women who sleeps many hours are exposed to cardiovasculardiseases more than others who don’t sleep that much. Also another research did confirm that waking up in night Prolong life. Continue reading “Lots of sleep and sudden death”

Opportunity Knocks

With the arrival once more of the glorious month of Ramadaan, a great
opporunity knocks at the door of every muslim:

” O you who believe! Fasting has been prescribed to you as it was
prescribed to those before you, that you may attain taqwaa . [ Al-
Baqara (2) : 183]

This is the opportunity that is presented before each and every one
of us in Ramaadan- the chance to become muttaqoon – yet how many of
us are availing ourselves of this opportunity? The
Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said : “Perhaps the fasting
person will get nothing from his fast except hunger and thirst.”

In other words, simply keeping away from food and drink is not
sufficient to reap the benefits of fasting and to attain the taqwaa
which Allah has spoken of. Fasting is a much more comprehensive
action. The fasting person is the one whose limbs withold from sins,
his tounge from lies, foul speech and falsehood, his stomach from
food and drink and his private parts from sexual intercourse- and all
this he does seeking nothing but the pleasure of Allah. During this
month of Ramadaan, will our fasts reflect these characteristics? Will
we be adorning our fasting with long prayers, supplications for
forgiveness and extra recitation and contemplation of the Book of
Allah? Or will we be sleeping out our fasts, or perhaps watching
endless hours of television to pass the time? Continue reading “Opportunity Knocks”


We do not know precisely how the young Abyssinian girl ended up
for sale in Makkah. We do not know her ‘roots’, who her mother
was, or her father or her ancestors. There were many like her,
boys and girls, Arabs and non-Arabs, who were captured and
brought to the slave market of the city to be sold.

A terrible fate awaited some who ended up in the hands of cruel
masters or mistresses who exploited their labor to the full and
treated them with the utmost harsh ness.

A few in that inhuman environment were rather more fortunate.
They were taken into the homes of more gentle and caring

Barakah, the young Abyssinian girl, was one of the more
fortunate ones. She was saved by the generous and kind Abdullah,
the son of Abd al-Muttalib. ‘She became the only servant in his
household and when he was married, to the lady Aminah, she
looked after her affairs as well.

Two weeks after the couple were married, according to Barakah,
Abdullah’s father came to their house and instructed his son to
go with a trading caravan that was leaving for Syria. Aminah was
deeply distressed and cried:

“How strange! How strange! How can my husband go on a trading
journey to Syria while I am yet a bride and the traces of henna
are still on my hands.”

Abdullah’s departure was heartbreaking. In her anguish, Aminah
fainted. Soon after he left, Barakah said: “When I saw Aminah
unconscious, I shouted in distress and pain: ‘O my lady!’ Aminah
opened her eyes and looked at me with tears streaming down her
face. Suppressing a groan she said: “Take me to bed, Barakah.”

“Aminah stayed bedridden for a long time. She spoke to no one.
Neither did she look at anyone who visited her except Abd
al-Muttalib, that noble and gentle old man. “Two months after
the departure of Abdullah, Aminah called me at dawn one morning
and, her face beaming with joy, she said to me:

“O Barakah! I have seen a strange dream.” “Something good, my
lady,” I said.

“I saw lights coming from my abdomen lighting up the

mountains, the hills and the valleys around Makkah.” “Do you
feel pregnant, my lady?”

“Yes, Barakah,” she replied. “But I do not feel any discomfort
as other women feel.” “You shall give birth to a blessed child
who will bring goodness,” I said.

So long as Abdullah was away, Aminah remained sad and
melancholic. Barakah stayed at her side trying to comfort her
and make her cheerful by talking to her and relating stories.
Aminah however became even more distressed when Abd al-Muttalib
came and told her she had to leave her home and go to the
mountains as other Makkans had done because of an impending
attack on the city by the ruler of Yemen, someone called
Abrahah. Aminah told him that she was too grief-striken and weak
to leave for the mountains but insisted that Abrahah could never
enter Makkah and destroy the Kabah because it was protected by
the Lord. Abd al-Muttalib became very agitated but there was no
sign of fear on Aminah’s face. Her confidence that the Kabah
would not be harmed was well-founded. Abrahah’s army with an
elephant in the vanguard was destroyed before it could enter

Day and night, Barakah stayed beside Aminah. She said: “I slept
at the foot of her bed and heard her groans at night as she
called for her absent husband. Her moans would awaken me and I
would try to comfort her and give her courage.”
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A Ramadan guide for single Muslims


Asalam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

By Sound Vision Staff writer

For most Muslims, Ramadan is family time. You get up together, eat Iftar together, pray together, etc. But what if you don’t have your family near you?
Waking up in a lonely apartment and eating food you’ve sometimes burnt in an effort to catch Suhur in time are some of the realities of being a single Muslim in Ramadan. But there are ways to make Ramadan special when you’re on your own. Here are a couple of ideas. Please feel free to post yours at the bottom of this article.
1. Establish a Suhur telephone tree
Get a couple of friends together and establish a telephone tree to wake each other up for Suhur. Establish a time to call and a schedule of who will call whom. Make it a little exciting by adding some funny phrases every week that will really wake everyone up (e.g. “ASSALAMU ALIAKUM” This is the Suhur Sister/Bellowing Brother calling. Rise and shine y’all for some morning grubÓ). Continue reading “A Ramadan guide for single Muslims”

Salahuddin Ayyub

He is a great king, noble knight and brave hero.
Who is this person that hate wars but he had to fight the aggressors who came to attack a safe town “Jerusalem”?

Salah Uddin Yusuf Bin Ayub bin Shati bin Marwan, Abu AlMuthaffar Ayyubi
Born in Tikrit in Iraq (1138-1193).

We talk first about his character ,he was a devout muslim to whom Islam meant everything, he would never miss his daily five times prayers even when he was ill, and had a dislike for people who tried to instill free-thinking, unnecessary debate and controversy into the doctrines of Islam. He truly loved the Quran and wept upon hearing it read.

Growing Up:
During his youth he was a quiet methodical thinker given more to religious study than military ambition. As a child he was taught the recitation of the Holy Quran, the Arabic language and the shariah. This basis proved to be effective in his middle age. Continue reading “Salahuddin Ayyub”

Status of Women in Islam

by Hassane Marecan

“Why is it that so many women who have been born and brought in Europe and America are willing to reject their ‘liberty’ and ‘independence’ to embrace a religion that supposedly oppresses them and is widely assumed to be prejudicial to them?” This is a question that I found on one of the sites while surfing around, and I found it an interesting question and which I’d like to draw this article around.

Can Islam be prejudiced to women, and yet appeal to women? Can Islam lower the status of a woman and still have more women embracing it as their way of life than men? According to an article written by Lucy Berrington in the Times Magazine (London) dated 9th Nov. 1993: “It is even more ironic that most British converts should be women, given the widespread view in the west that Islam treats women poorly. In the United States, women converts outnumber men by four to one, and in Britain make up the bulk of the estimated 10, 000 to 20, 000 converts, forming part of a Muslim community of 1 to 1.5 million ” Continue reading “Status of Women in Islam”

1. The big sleepover

Thunder… lightning and heavy rain. A little girl ran to her home with a fever. She opened the door, ran inside and locked the door tightly. She sneezed and coughed very hard. She went to the kitchen to ask her mom for hot water. She was coughing as she went to the kitchen.

Her mother looked at her as she came in. “What happened Vanessa?” her mother asked.

“I caught a cold as I was coming back from the market” Vanessa replied back. “May I have hot water please?” she asked. “Yes, you may.” Her mother sighed.

After drinking the water Vanessa went upstairs to her room to go to sleep. Then when she woke up saw that she slept for five hours! She remembered that she came home from the market five hours before the night, so now she knew that it was the night.  So she got up and went downstairs to the living room. She just was about to lie down on the sofa when the bell rang. She went to answer it thinking it was her dad. But just in case she saw who it could be. Outside was a man in a dark black suit that was soaking wet. Their uncle was standing there with a mad expression.

*** Continue reading “1. The big sleepover”

This will make you cry…

by xeniagreekmuslimah

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I ♥ Allah

It was Halloween night. I made plans with my friends Omar and Malik to go watch SAW 3 at a nearby theatre in Santa Monica, California. We were running late and I realized that I had not prayed Isha but I didnt say anything because I did not want to upset the mood. “Ill just pray afterwards,” I told myself.

I only lived 26 years. My 27th birthday was exactly two weeks away. I always imagined I would live long. At least until age 60. It just wasn’t imaginable that I would have such a sudden, unexpected death. I graduated from the University of Southern California three years earlier with a degree that means absolutely nothing right now. Shortly after, I landed a job as the marketing director of a major clothing company. Aside from the usual life problems, I was living a normal life.

My girlfriend of 4 years was starting to pressure me into us getting a place together. I knew I wasn’t supposed to have a girlfriend in the first place but I enjoyed her company and friendship. I wasn’t ready to give that up. I used to always tell myself that eventually I would marry her. Plus, what would these few years of living a sinful life mean by the time I got older?

I ♥ Allah

My job, girlfriend and life-friends took up the majority of my time. It seemed I never had time to pray. I hardly even had time to sit down and eat. Offering prayer was always something that irritated me. I did give an effort to keep up on my prayers but for the last two years of my life I gave up. I pretty much stopped praying altogether.

I never made it home in time to pray that night. SAW 3 was a walk through the rose garden compared to what I was about to experience. I was doing 80 on the route 10 freeway. At 12 midnight, 80mph is not considered speeding. Omar flipped through FM radio stations searching for the song he liked. Malik had fallen asleep in the back seat. I began to doze off too. I used to hate when that happened. I shook out of what seemed like a 10 second snooze. I tried to keep my eyes open. But again I dozed off. Continue reading “This will make you cry…”

Equity Market – The Best investment option for Muslims

By Islami Tijara,

This is first part of the 4 part series on the idea of Equity Market being best investment options for Muslims

Every Muslims should take advantage of the boom in the Equity market and they should not be left behind in the economic growth that is being witnessed throughout the country. In order to remain in the main stream of the economy and have equitable investment opportunity, Equity stock market (The Islamic way) provides the most cost effective investment solution for the Muslims. Equity market have proved that they are not only the most effective, transparent, liquid and conducive to small and big size investors as a means of investment, but history has also proved that it outperforms all other asset classes where return on investments is the parameter considered. In the long term equity market always goes up. Hence Muslims must invest in the equity market.

On the onset, investment in equity market is a permissible activity from Islamic point of view, since it is based on Musharakah (Partnership) and the profit is earned with risk of loss. However there are some issues for a Muslim to invest in equity market (explained later).With the guidance of Ulama (Islamic scholar) and approval it is now possible to invest in equity market the Islamic way, and this perhaps is the best option available for the Muslim. Continue reading “Equity Market – The Best investment option for Muslims”