I have built a beautiful house

image003I have built a beautiful house for my family
but nobody lives in that home except my wife

My sons have gone from us to their mother-in-law’s home to live with his wife
I have to go to foreign country to earn money. I have to return the money which I have borrowed from my relatives to build my house
My wife is left alone in that newly built house

  • My wife wants her sons to return to newly built house but it is not happened
    In spite of all hardship she never curse her sons for not responding her request

    My heart burns like a fire
    I pore water on my head to settle that heart burning
    but still it burns like a fire.

    what do we benefit if we gain the whole world but lose our own soul!

    I went to mosque to get relief from that
    I pray God with tears
    By the grace of Almighty I get relief from my worries
    Only God can give us security.

    It is reported that the Prophet’s last words were:

    Prayer! Prayer! And fear Allah regarding those who you are in charge of.

    Abū Bakr bin al-Jazā’irī states:

    Among the wisdom in the implementation of prayer is that it purifies and welcomes the worshiper to converse with Allah and His Messenger, and, while he or she remains in the material world, brings him or her into proximity with the Divine in the next life and wards off indecency and manifest evil.

  • Path to Paradise made Easy

    25220_385951619495_80816334495_3705871_2304899_nThe Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Whoever follows a path seeking knowledge thereby, Allah will make a path to Paradise easy for him.” [Sahih Muslim]

    When Muhammad, a new teenager, set out from Makkah to further his Islamic learning, he was dirt poor. When he returned eight years later, his horses and mules were laden with grain, exquisite outfits, gold and silver coins; gifts just received from his teacher, mentor and friend, Imam Malik.

    Fatimah was overwhelmed with happiness to see her only child return. She had raised him single-handedly since his father died when he was two, migrating from Palestine to Makkah for his better upbringing. She put him beneath the scholars as a boy. He had the Quran memorized at age seven, and Malik’s Muwatta at age ten, at which time his teacher, Imam Muslim Az-Zanji, the Mufti of Makkah, deputized him to teach in his absence. His teacher told him to issue Fatwa when he was only fifteen years old.

    But seeing what he had arrived with wiped the smile off Fatimah’s face. “Son, do you remember when I saw you off, I had only two old sheets of Yemeni cloth that I could give you as provisions. I bade you farewell with them while you were my only belonging in the world, in the hope that you would return rich in the knowledge of the Ahadith of Rasool-Allah. I didn’t send you to gather this wealth. Son, this is the capital from which arrogance breeds.” [Imam Shafi’i Ka Ilmi Safar, by Dr Akhtar Husain Azmi]

    So he distributed everything among the indigent of Makkah, such that there was nothing left with them when evening fell, except reliance on Allah once again.

    Muhammad bin Idrees is well-known as Imam Shafi’i, the Mujaddid of the second century.

    Let the purpose of your education be success for eternity too. When the objective of an education is Dunya, it is wasted if it doesn’t convert to cash. Livelihood, Allah has guaranteed, but Paradise, He hasn’t. So instead of focusing on what is guaranteed, focus on what you have been told to earn!

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