“Yawm-ul-Khamees” Thursday

The fifth day of the Islamic week is Yawm-ul-khamees, that is, Thursday.

It is a day which has many virtues as mentioned in hadiths. Nabi-e-kareem  said that to Allah, no other day has so many values as the nights and days of both Thursday and Friday. Rasoulullaah  said that on Mondays and Thursdays, the deeds of human beings (insaan) are raised in front of the Creator and he forgives his creatures (banda) except those who create division in families and among people. Allah ta’ala suspends his forgiveness for this category of people until they stop their bad habits and their bad deeds.

Nabi-e-kareem  had also a preference to travel on Thursdays. When there were expeditions to make, it is always on Thursdays that the Muslims began their travel. Ummul-mu’mineen Hazrat `Aïsha Siddeeqa (r.a) reports that Rasoulullaah   said that if his ummat (people) would not feel difficult, it would have given the order not to begin voyages on Wednesdays but on Thursday instead as he liked it.

Thursday is also a blessed day and especially if there are things significant and specific to ask Allah, do it on that day and it will be insha-Allah accepted. The holy Prophet  explained to the sahabas who wanted to know about the virtues of Thursday, that it is a day favourable for the requests to Allah ta’ala concerning our necessities and that insha-Allah we shall be granted.

Dear brothers and sisters, if you have projects, it is good to begin on a Thursday to obtain success by the virtues of Yawm-ul-khamees. Continue reading ““Yawm-ul-Khamees” Thursday”