Yawm-ul-Jumu’ah” Friday

The sixth day of the Islamic week is Yawm-ul-Jumu’ ah, that is, Friday.

It is a day which has so many values that Allah ta’ala demonstrated in the Qur’aan shareef by naming even a sourah with it’s name and also according to a hadith of Ibne-Maajah, the holy Prophetsaid that Yawm-ul-Jumu’ah is the chief of all the days of the week.

According to hadiths of Muslim, Abu Daawoud and Tirmizi shareef, Nabi-e-kareem  said that there is no other day better than Jumu’ah and that it is on Jumu’ah day that Allah ta’ala created Hazrat Aadam (a.s) the prophet Adam, and also on that day he put him in the jannat (paradise) and still on a Jumu’ah he transferred him on earth and also on Jumu’ah that Hazrat Aadam (a.s) passed away. And there is no doubt that the day of Qiyaamat (the final day/end of this world) will be a Yawm-ul-Jumu’ah, a Friday [see our article on Aashourah ].

And according to hadiths of Bukhaari and Muslim shareef, Rasoulullaah  said that the day of Jumu’ ah, there is one moment that if the Muslims make du’as, it will be accepted. About this particular moment there are 2 versions: the first is the moment when the Imam sit between the two sermons (khutbah) of the namaz-e-jumu’ah, the second is some minutes before the namaz Maghrib. And according to a hadith of Mishkaat shareef, the holy Prophet  said that the one who dies (intiqaal) on the day of Jumu’ah or during the night of Jumu’ah (Thursday night), Allah ta’ala will protect him from the torments of the tomb (qabar). Verily because Jumu’ah is the superior of all the days of the week that Allah ta’ala on this special day spread a “rain” (enormously) of his rahmat (graces) on earth.

According to a hadith of Nasaï shareef, Nabi-e-kareem  said that the one who make the tilaawat (reading) of the sourah al-Kahaf (the cave) during the night or the day of Jumu’ah, Allah ta’ala will grant him light in his life until the following Jumu’ah. Continue reading “Yawm-ul-Jumu’ah” Friday”