A Penang heritage entertainment hub is called as “Nagore Square”.

20 Sep

அப்துல் கையூம்

Nagore Square is positioned as a lifestyle destination with a mixed use of retail, arts & cultural, F&B and entertainment area along the intersection of Jalan Burmah and Jalan Nagore and stretching up to Jalan Bawasah. The precinct will be a hybrid of indoor and outdoor spaces and showcasing the heritage designs of old world such as the Little Shanghai heritage–amidst the contemporary settings of a functional lifestyle gathering and entertainment center in a shopping/dining village concept. It highlights a lifestyle repositioning, delivering a dynamic urban experience and communal space for gathering and interaction.
The name NAGORE attracts curiosity. The name must have something to do with the Nagore of Tamil Nadu, India. The square is lined with rows of double residential houses now turned into restaurants, cafe and shops.The architecture is unique in the sense that it combines the Eurasian, Chinese, Muslim and Indian style .The night lightings is excellent.


அப்துல் கையூம்

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