Mingle because Aloofness Disliked

12 Aug


The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “The Muslim who participates in social matters with other men and shows forbearance if he suffers any pain from them is a far better person than the one who isolates himself from people and is dismayed at the hardships caused by others.” [Tirmidhi]

“Maintain amicable social relations with your friends and relatives. Avoid adopting an attitude of annoyance with them or keeping aloof from them.

“When a person lives in the society of other men and has to participate in social matters, it is inevitable that he suffer different kinds of shocks. Sometimes his sentiments are hurt, at other times his reputation is tarnished, one time his peace is disturbed, at another his usual activities are interfered with. Sometimes things are done against his temperament and desires, at other times his patience and endurance are severely tried, and at times he has to suffer great financial loss. In other words, he has to face all kinds of trials and tribulations.

“But when a person suffers these hardships, his heart is strengthened and he gains in wisdom and experience. Good morals develop in his personality and passing through a natural process of training and purification he makes rapid spiritual and moral progress. He thus acquires the sublime virtues of patience, forbearance, selflessness, affection, sympathy, humanity, respect, loyalty, devotion and co-operation, sincerity and love, generosity and gallantry, kindness and favour to the highest degree and he becomes an instrument of goodness and blessing for human society.” [Etiquettes of Life in Islam by Muhammad Yusuf Islahi]


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