City attractions and shopping places with Luxury hotels in Makkah

28 Feb

by haramaynhotels
blog-14-02_0The sole purpose of visiting Makkah is mostly Hajj or Umrah for that everyone like to makes his/her stay in luxury hotels in Makkah to make it convenient. While being a pilgrim or a guest there, you would love to visit other sacred places of Makkah. The main center of attraction in the city is Kabba, Well of Zamzam and Safa/Marwa. It reminds us about Hajar and her son Ismael, when she ran seven times between Safa and Marwa and desperately wished for water from somewhere around. Finally her wish was answered when a fountain of water appeared near the feet of Ismael who was crying and scratching his feet to the ground. Today Pilgrims perform Saee in a same way and at the end drink Zamzam to their fill. It is not an only attraction but there are a lot of sites related with the history of Islam.

Other attractions of the city:

1.Ghar e Hira: A place where Prophet (PBUH) got his first revelation.
2.Cave of Thaur: Muhammad (PBUH) and his companion stayed their hiding from enemies.
3.Al-Jamraat: It is in Mina where Pilgrims revive the trend of throwing pebbles towards Satan as Ibrahim and his son Ismael did.
4.Museums: Don’t forget to visit the museums located in Makkah as they would revise the whole history of Islam.
5.Birthplace of Prophet (PBUH): It is situated near Masjid e Haram and now turned into a library.
6.Qasr Khozam: A palace near Haram which was owned by King Abdul Aziz. It is now a museum of archeology and ethnology.

Shopping in Makkah:

The best gift from Makkah is dates and Zamzam but still if you wish to buy some gifts for your relatives then following are the places to visit.

1.Local Markets: Here you will find every kind of stuff in affordable prices.
2.Makkah mall: A place where you will find everything from gifts to the dining so if you can bear the expenses then do visit it.
3.Abraj Al Bait: whether you buy something from here or not but this place is really an attraction.

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