Islam is Against Terrorism And The Islamic Legal Rulings On Terrorist Acts And Those Who Commit Them

15 Jun


The following is a transcription of a live tele-link lecture given by By Shaykh Alee al-Hadaadee (Riyaadh, Saudi Arabia) to an audience in London organized by al-Athariyyah.

The Lecture

All praise is due to Allaah the Lord of everything He created and the peace and blessings of Allaah upon the best of Messengers, our Prophet Muhammad, whom Allaah sent to mankind as a mercy, and peace and blessings upon the family of the Prophet and his companions, and upon those who follow the guidance of the Prophet until the Day of Judgement.

O my noble brothers, we heard the unfortunate news, which occurred yesterday in the city of London, relating to those explosions which took place which resulted in many people dying and many people being wounded. And there is no doubt that this is an unfortunate and sad affair and it’s even worse if these acts have been committed…

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