18 Tips to Simplify Our Spending

15 Jun


by xeniagreekmuslimah

The simplicity movement has swept across America. People are sick of the rat race-the fast-paced, stressful culture that has developed. They want to kick back, relax and live simpler, much less complicated lives.

Part of this means reducing the material objects that have cluttered our lives. Generally, it means living with less and being happy.

Sadly, Muslims are not immune from the rush for the material trappings of modern society. Muslims in some communities literally compete to see who has the bigger house, the nicest cars and clothes or the most expensive education.

But a Muslim was never supposed to live this way. He or she should be the representative of the “less is more” concept when it comes to material things. Some Muslims are, while others may be struggling to be. Others perhaps just want to get out of debt. Still others may want…

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