23 Feb


Author: Abdul Rahman C. Amine. M.D., and Ahmed Elkadi. M.D

Medicine was defined by Muslim physicians such as Al-Razi (841-926 A.D.) and Ibn Sina (Avicenna.Y80-1036 A.D.) as the art concerned with the preservation of good health, combating of disease, and restoration of health to the sick. For several centuries, the world witnessed and benefitted from the great advances made by Muslim physicians in the area of health sciences. These advances were not just based on technical skill or intellectual superiority. They were equally well founded on a clear understanding of the role of the Muslim physician as derived from Islamic teachings and philosophy. For thousands of years, ethics have been recognized as an essential requirement in the making of a physician. Although the ancient codes of ethics’,’ have to some extent stressed this requirement, they were still deficient and contained grave errors.’ Contemporary codes of ethics tend to be more…

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