A Journey to Happiness

20 Feb

Episode 27

In the name of Allah[1] (SWT)[2] , The All-Merciful, The Ever-Merciful, All Prayers and Blessings of Allah be upon our master, the most noble Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)[3].

This is the last episode. We have reached the end of our journey, as every journey naturally has a beginning and an ending. I pray that we have made you happy with this program. My intention for this program is to help people achieve happiness. I know that there are many people grieving, troubled and in need of someone to give them hope. Throughout filming the program, these people were my inspiration. I know how they feel and that made me want to encourage, reassure and bring smiles to their faces. I intended to give them an idea or a goal to live for.

My other intention was to lead people to live a happier, more content live. This is the first point I wanted to cover tonight.

The second point is that I want to thank the entire crew that helped produce this program, all of whom exerted great effort. I also want to thank my wife, children and parents who supported me throughout this project.

Thirdly I want to summarize the idea of the program. Happiness is not just one word. It is a combination of seven factors that all need to be considered. You can’t deal with just one and ignore the others. These seven parts have been discussed throughout the program, and you can find them published on or in a booklet that will soon be available. Let me revise with you the seven groups of happiness.

The first group told us, “Draw your line towards jannah (paradise)”. It said “Make the correct start”. We spoke of starting life with sincerity; that all your sayings and actions are solely to please Allah. We succeed by being sincere to Allah, and must set our goals for the sake of Allah.

The second episode taught us how to reach the stage of a “tranquil soul”, a soul that is not filled with reluctance and inclined to evil.

The third episode was titled “Be ambitious”. Dream of the future.

In this way we balanced the needs of faith with the needs for success in life. This program does not tell you to forget your material needs and live in your dreams, but rather it tells you to plan your successes and be strong in character.

We labeled the first group of happiness, “Start correctly”, with the color of sun rise, orange.

The second group is “Bringing happiness to others will make you happy”. Be generous and spread the seeds of giving. This group was covered in the episodes named “Give love”, “Be merciful to the weak and needy” and “Be humane”. We labeled this group green, the color of plants, progress and giving.

The third group was titled “A soul free from barriers aiming towards happiness”. It included “no to worry”, “no to anger”, “no to envy” and “no to hatred”. We used red as its symbol, the color for danger.

We tried to give you the tools to identify what brings happiness and what does not. Our motto throughout has been “Try the whole journey with us”, don’t stop halfway through.

Group four was represented by blue, the color of a clear sky. It was called “Big heart”, one that contains acceptance and forgiveness.

The fifth group was labeled yellow, the color of gold and named “Strong will”. It included the episodes “Patience”, “Willpower” and “Remain on the straight path”.

Group six was titled “Warm relationships”. It dealt with family relationships, righteous companions and loyalty to friends.

The final group was called “Maintaining a continuous relationship with Allah”. It dealt with praying and supplicating to Allah, and ended with inner peace.

Those were the seven groups of happiness. Have you benefited from these episodes? To be honest, it is impossible to apply all the points we covered in the mere 30 days of Ramadan. These episodes are considered only a theoretical guide on what factors lead to happiness and how to achieve it. But if you want to be happy you have to apply this knowledge and put the points into practice. My suggestion to you is to, over the span of a year, take one episode per fortnight, focus on it, set a plan and apply it. We will help you with that on by uploading a plan for every episode. Every week or two we would work on one group of happiness.

Do not panic that the program ended and you may not have yet applied any of the stages mentioned. That is very normal. Don’t psychologists say that you need 21 days for each personality trait you wish to improve? So we will start from tomorrow. To assist you, all with this please visit our website on the Amr Khaled Facebook page.

I wish to add that there are four kinds of happiness that need to be present in order for happiness to be complete. The happiness of heart and soul, the happiness of the self in its strength and determination, and the happiness of the mind in the way it perceives things.

Throughout our program we covered the first three: the spiritual side, the psychological side, and the rational side. The fourth factor is the material side to happiness. I was honest from the beginning of the program and confessed that I would not be able to cover the material side. There are material problems I cannot solve. People in Occupied Gaza are not happy. People living in poor areas are not happy. Youth suffering unemployment are not happy. These are material problems that one cannot solve either alone or with the aid of a 30 day Ramadan program! But the other three sides covered will give you the strength to conquer this fourth aspect. This program is an incentive, a push to give you the energy, strength, determination, hope and confidence to eliminate the depression and grief that is common amongst our youth and ummah (Muslim nation).

My final note to you is that Ramadan is over, but you have gained power and energy throughout the blessed month, whether via this program, your prayers or your fasting. Keep in mind that Satan has been chained up, but he will be freed on the first day of Eid (the feast). He will be eager to attack, knowing that all your sins have been eliminated in the space of this last month. Allah says what can be translated as, “And indeed Iblîs already verified his expectation of them, so they closely followed him, except a group of the believers” (TMQ, 34:20) [4]. Do not waste all the efforts you exerted during Ramadan by following Satan. Allah says what can be translated as, “And do not be as she who breaks her yarn, even after it is strongly spun” (TMQ, 16:92). Don’t commit the major sins, don’t leave fajr (dawn) prayers, do not abandon reading the Qu’ran, do not wake up on the first day of Eid and ruin all that you have achieved in one day! Maintain the goodness you gained from Ramadan for the worries you will face in the coming year.

The remaining point is that there will be a celebration on for the first day of Eid. We will award prizes to members who were most active on our website during Ramadan.

I conclude with a final question- will there be a program next Ramadan? If there is a program, what will it cover? Only time will tell.
May Allah bless you and grant you happiness, contentment and success in your lives; this was the goal of the program.

Peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you.

For info:

[1] The word Allah is the Arabic term for God. Although the use of the word “Allah” is most often associated with Islam, it is not used exclusively by Muslims; Arab Christians and Arabic-speaking Jews also use it to refer to the One God. The Arabic word expresses the unique characteristics of the One God more precisely than the English term. Whereas the word “Allah” has no plural form in Arabic, the English form does. Allah is the God worshipped by all Prophets, from Adam to Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.
[2] SWT = Suhanahu wa Ta’ala [Glorified and Exalted Be He].
[3] SAWS= Salla Allah alayhe Wa Salam [All Prayers and Peace of Allah be upon him]
[4] TMQ=Translation of the Meaning of the Qur’an. This translation is for the realized meaning, so far, of the stated (Surah:Ayah) of the Qur’an. Reading the translated meaning of the Qur’an can never replace reading it in Arabic, the language in which it was revealed.

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