To my people in my village..

11 Jul

Bismillah_2lailahaillallah1i feel extremely sorry for my village Muslims, who leads life in an ordinary way, where there is no significant amount deen or sunnah in their life.

1) A Muslim has to say salam to one another who would be identified by their appearance. when someone hides his identity, how can i recognize him as my fellow Muslim and salam them? his appearance is absolutely not like a Muslim.

2) i hardly found people in mosque, and not willing to spend money over it. pity.

3) i do not know how far they follow of what they know of deen, but fighting for their jamath such as sunath, tableeq, tawheed and etc. sick ppl.

4) Allah swt given wealth to them out of which they hesitate to spend on the way of islam. poor ppl.

5) i never heard or seen that a group of youngsters in my village discussing about deen and fearing allah, but of-course i have seen them drink together, play together and almost every other useless things doing together. useless peoples.

  • 6) if anyone try to bring some activity of deen in the village or mosque, the so called funding ppl who work in gulf by the mercy of allah swt, puts barrier to them. they should fear allah swt.

    7) i really do not know how many people spending time to read quran/hadith, or atleast listening bayans. when one has no knowledge over something, he would never involve in doing that.

    8) i did not find the jamath heads are so effective, if they dont care, they should bring another effective president to the jamath so that in a way they are not being obstacles for the deen life of village people. they are answerable to allah, not to us.

    9) wa allah, full of egos, full of proud, full of jealous, full of careless in their heart, i pray to allah swt to show them right path.patience is not at all a factor that they have.

    10) fearing like aything to give DAWA to the non-muslims, even to the one who is interested, wa allah emasculated people.

    listen my fellow muslims from my village, fear allah, if you are ignorant, he would not hesitate to destroy you and bring another sincere believers.

    islam is not a cast or just a religion, its a only way to reach jannah, its the duty of every muslim to tell the message to the non-muslims, but its your hiqma to tell them without rising issues.

    alhamdulillah, i had a chance to see and mingle with outside muslim world, where i learnt lot of Islam, and understood what islam really is..

    Islam is treasure, which will give you a lot if u are dedicated to it, otherwise it’ll make u rust and put you down to the hell.

    being a Muslim is just an admission in a reputed collage, there are number of test and a final exam which decides whether you pass or not.

    Islam will win with you or without you, its u who has to decide whether gonna be part of it or not.

    wake up.. or answer to allah swt..

    asalamu alaikum wa rahmathullah.

    Rafeequl Islam TRafeequl Islam T

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