The Night of nisf (mid) Shaban

13 Jun

imagesThe Night of nisf (mid) Shaban

Various Islamic scholars have recommended special worshiping during the night of 15th of Shaban. This is based on the saying (Hadith) of prophet Muhammad , the meaning of which is that during the night of 15th of Shaban, Allah will say “is there any person repenting so that I forgive him, and any person seeking provision so that I provide for him, and any person with distress so that I relieve him, and so on until dawn.” reported by Ibn Majah.

This is the night occurring between 14th and 15th day of Shaban. Traditions of Prophet Muhammad , show that it is a meritorious night in which the people of the earth are attended by special Divine Mercy.

On the Night of 15th Shaban, after Maghrib or Isha prayer it is traditional practice to read Surah Yasin and make special supplications for good health, protection from calamities and increased Iman.

According to tradition this night has special blessings that are directed towards the faithful. Therefore, as much as possible, this night should be spent in worship and total submission to Allah Almighty. Also, fasting is recommended on the day immediately following this Night, i.e. the 15th day of Shaban.

  • O Allah, Tireless Owner of Bounty. O Owner of Sublimity, Honor, Power, and Blessings.
    There is no Allah except You, the Supporter of refugees and Neighbor of those who seek nearness, Protector of the fearful.
    O Allah, if you have written in Your Book that I be abject, deprived, banished, and Ungenerous,
    then erase O Allah, through Your bounty,
    my misery, deprivation, banishment, and stinginess
    and establish me with You as happy, provided with blessings,
    for surely You have said-and Your Word is True-
    in Your Revealed Book on the tongue of Your Messenger,
    “Allah blots out or confirms what He pleases, and with Him is the Mother of Books.” (13:39)
    My God, by the Great Manifestation of the Night of the middle of the Noble Month of Sha’ban
    “in which every affair of wisdom is made distinct and authorized,”(44:4)
    remove from us calamities-those we know and those we do not know,
    and Thou knows best-for surely You are the Most Mighty, the Most Generous.
    May Allah bless Muhammad and his Family and Companions.
    Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds –
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