Know : List of all Social Networking Sites

26 May
Know : List of all Social Networking Sites


List of all Social Networking Sites (Sorted Alphabetically)

Name Description/Focus Registered users Global Alexa Page ranking
43 Things Goal setting and achievement 3,000,000 12,914 Social networking site 5,000,000 1,447 Social networking site for academics/researchers 211,000 1,995
Advogato Free and open source software developers 13,575 292,620
aNobii Books 26,939
AsianAvenue A social network for the Asian American community 170,384
aSmallWorld European jet set and social elite world-wide 550,000 580,060
Athlinks Running, Swimming 139,458 69,170 Independent music 656,507
Bebo General 117,000,000 4,169 Norwegian community 430,000 81,916
BlackPlanet Black Americans 20,000,000 7,193
Blauk Anyone who wants to tell something about a stranger or acquaintance. 1,081,215
Blogster Blogging community 85,579 12,048 General 589,595
Busuu Language learning community (headquartered in Madrid, Spain) 12,000,000 4,976
Buzznet Music and pop-culture 10,000,000 6,955
CafeMom Mothers 1,250,000 1,293
Care2 Green living and social activism 9,961,947 1,930
CaringBridge Not for profit providing free websites that connect family and friends during a serious health event, care…

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