Manners Better than Alms

07 Jan

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Verily, a man teaching his child manners is better than giving one bushel of grain in alms.” [Muslim]

The boys voted to have Hasan al-Banna lead the Reform Organization at their middle school. Hasan suggested that all the coordinators of this organization offer their Zuhr prayer in the nearby Masjid in congregation. Everyone liked the idea. So in break, they would all go to the Masjid, eat their lunch together in the shade of the trees, then pray together in the Masjid having to return to school before the regular time of the Jamaat.

  • The Imam’s students would fill the water tank of the Masjid every morning, but every day at noon they would discover that it was empty. The Imam was curious to find out who was behind this. So, today when he heard the Adhan being called before its usual time he hurried to Masjid. When he reached there he saw children performing Wudu and some standing in rows. As soon as they had finished their prayer he grabbed them by their arms and sent them out of the masjid.

    “So you’ve come to pray!” he yelled at them, “You’ve wasted all the water in the tank. Forget about how you’ve ruined the mats! Don’t you dare come here again! I was wondering who would empty this tank which is filled with such hard work every day. Now I know who’s doing it!”

    One day when the Imam was leaving the Masjid after the Zuhr prayer the postman brought him a letter. The Imam opened it to find that the sender hadn’t written his name or address; only Ayat 56 of Surah An’aam of the Qur’an. He immediately figured out what it was indicating and how cunningly he had been confronted. He went straight to Hasan al-Banna’s father and complained.

    After hearing the whole story Hasan’s father said to him: “Respected Shaikh, are the mats and water more valuable than the children’s prayer? Such a wise and religious person like you should encourage them. The children deserve your encouragement, not your scolding. As for the water and mats, there’s a simple solution for that,” saying that he told his younger son Abdur Rahman to call Hasan.

    “Look son, if you want to pray in the small Masjid then it is your responsibility to refill the tanks after prayer, and if the Masjid needs mats then you should collect money to buy them.”

    “Alright father,” said Hasan al-Banna accepting his father’s conditions, “We’ll do so.” [The Traveler of the Nile by Akhtar Husain Azmi]

    And all parties were lovingly instructed in manners.

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    One response to “Manners Better than Alms

    1. Burhan

      March 15, 2014 at 3:40 pm

      Alhamdullillah. Wonderful incident. May Allah give health and happiness to my uncle for his contribution in sharing such a useful message from our scholars life. Our Imams should come up with their bayaans with such learning incidents.


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