RSS helps students find information on Muslim run educational institutions

06 Aug

By Shaik Zakeer Hussain,,

Banglore: is a site that wants to be a go-to space for students seeking information about Muslim run education institutes in the country. So far, the site, which was started by Mumbai based mechanical engineer Maqsood Ahmed Addewala, has a list of about 135 Muslim minority colleges and total of 49 polytechnics from across the country.

The Saudi Arabia returned Ahmed, says he was inspired to create after seeing the disappointing rate of literacy in the community and a need to change the decrepit prevalent condition.


Maqsood Ahmed Addewala

“I always felt that Muslims are lacking much behind in education because of various reasons and there are possibly no adequate number of institutes for higher education such as engineering, MBA etc. Therefore, it is obvious that the children who want to go for higher studies are facing more problems. So, on the back of my mind the feeling of doing something was always there. is the result of this curiosity. It is a small step to serve the people and nation,” says Ahmed.

The site’s premise is simple: Colleges and universities are listed under categories of different educational streams creating a straightforward and effortless visitor experience.

According to Ahmed “The other educational sites work like search engine i.e. only the information of the institute we ask for is given at one time when searched. However, our site is designed to give its visitor a panoramic view of colleges i.e. you will see information of one type of course such as engineering, MBA institute on one web page.”

The site is kept non-commercial by allowing only free advertisement links to participating institutes and the site admin says that it will remain that way forever.

The year old website, recently came in to the attention of a faculty member at Jamia Millia Islamia, who Ahmed says, was very impressed by it and requested him to forward emails about the IDB [Islamic Development Bank] loan information provided on the site to Muslim students. “We accepted that and sent the notice to all institutes by introducing our website. You can see the notice on our website,” he says.

Over the next few months, Ahmed wants to put all his efforts to try “popularize this website amongst Indian Muslims as center point to know about institutes of higher educations.”

“We will always keep updating the website and make it more informative. Besides Muslim minority institutes, we shall add all the private Muslim institutes which have some special courses to offer,” he adds.

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