Summertime Tears of Joy

03 Jul

"New School" Hospital Food- Raleigh, NC

 File photo of Britain's Jessica Ennis reacting after she won her women's heptathlon 800m heat at the London 2012 Olympic Games

 Tears of Joy-they don’t happen too often in one’s life, which is in fact the very reason that makes them all the more special. You will see them often at award ceremonies, sports championships, or even when your child does something remarkable that you are proud of. In the above picture you see Jessica Ennis from Great Britian after she won the heptathlon at the London Olympics in front of her hometown crowd in 2012. I remember watching this live and feeling her joy in my living room. How could you not?

Well  folks, yesterday I shed my very own tear of joy. It wasnt in London though, it was in Raleigh, N.C.- eating “hospital food.”  Now I wasn’t exactly sobbing, but a single tear did in fact slowly trickle down my plush Irish/Russian cheek. What I had done was created my very own food memory right in our kitchen, an amazing lunch with simple and clean flavors. A chef crafted burger…

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