We Need Help From Volunteers Just Like You

25 Sep

We Need Help From Volunteers Just Like You
Bismillah – Salam Alaykum,

Right now Yusuf Estes wants volunteers to show real Islam. This is what it is really all about.

We have something that needs more help from volunteers just like you. Here it is and all you have to do is cut & paste (and promote):

Bismillah – Salam alaykum,

Yusuf Estes asks us to join him and all of us to help give the correct image of our prophet, peace be upon him.

Will you join us? (I hope you said, YES)

OK Just copy and paste this in emails, Facebook, Twitter and make a campaign online to let people know:

Peace to all,

Please join us to show REAL MUHAMMAD movie (peace be upon him):

  • And stop the false movie!

    Just copy & paste these few words, put in emails, post on Facebook, Twitter & make a campaign:

    Google owns YouTube – Google Ad$ Make Money

    Tell everyone to Boycott Google Ads Until YouTube removes hate movie against Muhammad, peace be upon him.

    Simple? Yes! but it will work, God Willing.

    Jazakallah khair, May God increase you in all good, ameen.

    Yusuf Estes – director for Share Islam Project

    Show the Real Movie & Solve the Problem – And Boycott Google Ads (they own YouTube) until they do too!

    Finally – Islam TV in America on satellite TV (and Internet) for everyone!

    Tell everyone: Facebook, Twitter, Emails & Support now

    by mail from Share Islam

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