Understanding the characteristics of a good human being

03 Aug

THE BEST WAY to understand the characteristics of a is to study the life and work of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), an exemplar, a model for all mankind.

As followers of the Mercy Unto the World, we have it as one of our first obligations to present an example of civilized humanity in every aspect of our life. The irony is that other nations have profited by the values underlying the Prophet’s precepts and attained a higher stage of individual and collective living, while we pay only lip-service to his teachings.
It is time we bridged the distance between profession and practice. Let us today resolve to do what we can and must so that we can legitimately claim that we are on our way towards organizing our corporate life and its concerns according to the spirit of Islam. It is by adhering to the moral values of Islam in letter and spirit that we can achieve excellence of character—a sure way to tame the world and regain our lost glory.

  • Here are some attributes of a good human being:

    Needs of others: A good person will put the needs of others ahead of his own personal needs. For instance, two weddings are scheduled for the same day. Your presence is very important at both of them. You feel that you have to decide between the two. That is what most people would do. Those that have a genuine concern for others will make an effort to show up at both weddings. Possibly one of the ceremonies and both of the receptions for just a little while. This may be hard to pull off, but it is possible and there are people who have chosen this path. It doesn’t matter how worn-out the person is, he will make an effort to be there no matter what the inconvenience.

    Seldom complains: Some people complain almost without hesitating. One complaint follows the other, and people soon find themselves looking for ways to stay away from that person. A truly good person will put all complaints aside. Constant complaining puts a burden on others who don’t want it and can’t do anything about it. Learning how to deal with such problems outside of your friendships is essential.

    Another characteristic of a good person is that he sees the good in nearly everything. He would smile even when his world is turned upside down. There are few people who can manage this, but it is possible.

    Hard working: A good person works for a living. The more important characteristic is that this person doesn’t know what to do with him when he isn’t working. This person may even like his job. The point is, he works hard for what he wants in life. If he doesn’t have much, it is still okay because what he does have is something to look at with pride because of the effort it took to get it.

    Involved with family: A person who is involved with his family in good ways is a good person. If he puts the family’s welfare above that of anything else, it is certain that this person is a good one. A person who ignores the family often to pursue other things isn’t going to be someone that people look up to. This will be a person who people actually feel sorry for at some point because it eventually can mean that he will lose his family.

    Listens: A good person listens to what you have to say. He won’t cut you off mid-sentence to get in his two cents. He will listen attentively and be helpful in anyway he can. He will not jump to conclusions based on what others say or from the first sentence out of your mouth. This person will hear you out before making a final judgment.

    Works through it: A good person has the ability to work through problems rather than walk away at the first signs of trouble. This is important in any relationship that we have in life. If a person simply walks away without trying to work things out, He is not a good person.

    There are thousands of qualities in a good person. The bottom line is that a good person will always put others ahead of him. There will be a genuine concern for the welfare of humankind and a strong will to help out where possible. No man or woman is perfect, but there are good ones out there.

    Remember, service to humanity is a kind of worship for which God has promised great reward. A good human being believes in what is called the disinterested service of man.

    Courtesy: KhaleejTimes

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