Questioning About Delights

03 Aug

Questioning About Delights

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “The first question that a person will be asked, about the delights (of this world), on the Day of Resurrection will be, ‘Did We not give you good health? Did We not give you cool water to drink?’” [Tirmidhi]

Some people do not realize the great blessings that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has bestowed on them. They do not appreciate the blessing of having water to drink and food to eat, or the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon them in their homes, spouses and children. They think that luxury means having palaces, gardens and fancy means of transportation.

A man asked Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-Aas, “Are we not among the poor Muhaajireen?” Abdullah said to him, “Don’t you have a wife to whom you return at the end of the day?” He said, “Yes.” Abdullah asked, “Don’t you have a house to live in?” He said, “Yes.” Abdullah said, “Then you are one of the rich.” He said, “I have a servant.” Abdullah said, “Then you are one of the kings.” [Muslim]

How many of us are rich, and how many of us are kings, yet we remain thankless to Allah?

“Then, on that Day, you shall be questioned about the delights (you enjoyed in this world).” [Quran: Surah Takathur, Ayat 8]

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This Meccan surah is the 102nd surah of the Qur’an with 8 ayat.

After the bismillah, this surah is concerned with factionalism and schism amongst people.
Disagreements between individuals and groups follows us “even until you visit the tombs”.
Three times in a row the surah warns the reader that “you shall know” that those who sow discord are headed towards Hell.
Here, proper understanding is required for entrance into Paradise, and should one not attain this on Earth, one will receive the “eye of certainty” on the Day of Judgment, when “you shall be questioned … concerning true bliss”.

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