Pakistani Street Food – Aloo Pakora (vegan potato tempura) and Aloo-chana Chaat (vegan potato and chickpea dish)

24 Jul

The Marigold Blog

One of the little pleasures in life that brings me great joy is Pakistani street food. It’s also what I long for often when I think of home. Food stalls in Pakistani bazaars (markets) are like food courts in American mall – many choices and super quick. Only, I think their offerings taste much better than food court grub. When it’s a hundred degrees and you are shopping in a market with no air-conditioning, nothing tastes better than a cold glass of ‘gandeiri ka juice’ (sugarcane juice) or lassi and some aloo-chana chaat (potato and chickpea ‘dish’ – for lack of a better word). We even have a whole street dedicated to street food in Lahore!

My fondest memories of shopping in Pakistan include some delicious street food. For my wedding favors, I filled spice jars with Chaat masala – an amalgamation of spices including dried mango, cumin, ginger, pepper…

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