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by mthago


Monarchy is a system in which the hierarchies of power remain within a certain families, cronies or parties. As explained previously in the last article of mine on similar topic, the system of democracy was initially developed in order to avoid power to remain within only a certain families, cronies or parties. However due to manipulation, the system of democracy slowly turn to become the system of monarchy. Democracy allows everyone to become a leader provided he or she obtains the majority votes in an election. However, there are certain cases where the power goes to only certain individuals of the same families, cronies or parties. When power goes only to individuals from the same families, parties or cronies, the system is no longer democracy but monarchy. Monarchy is the oldest system used by mankind to select their leaders. In monarchy, when a king died, the power to rule the country automatically goes to the eldest son or daughter of the king. In some monarchial system, when the king died, the power must goes only to his son and not to his daughter but in some cases the power can also goes either to the son or daughter. In other cases, when the king has no children the power usually goes to the brother of the king. Whatever it is, monarchy means, the power to rule the country only goes to one family, and no other individual outside the family can become the rulers of the country.

As mentioned previously in my article of similar topic, it is the natural inclination of all men to love power and wealth. Power and wealth seem to be inseparable and men want power because with power men will also obtain wealth. It is said in a Hadis that if a man is given a valley of gold, he would want another valley of gold. Men’s thirst for power and wealth will never end until men died. Until a man died, his thirst for power and wealth will never be satisfied. Desire for power and wealth is with men, since the day man was created by Allah. Both Adam and Hawa were in paradise. Both of them were living in a place of extreme luxury without limit. Paradise is a place where men’s desire can be fully satisfied yet even in such a place, Iblis was successful in seducing both Adam and Hawa into disobedience to the orders of Allah. Allah had forbidden both Adam and Hawa from eating the fruits of a tree in paradise known as forbidden tree. Iblis was able to seduce Hawa. Iblis told Hawa to eat the fruits of the forbidden tress, if she wanted to remain in paradise forever. Hawa succumbed to the invitation of Iblis because she wanted to live in paradise forever with her husband. Hawa was able to seduce Adam into eating the fruits of the forbidden trees, which was not allowed by Allah. Even though, Adam knows that he was not allowed by Allah to eats the fruits yet his love for his wife and luxurious lifestyle had tempted him into following the invitation of his wife. Because of men’s love to wealth and power, men are tempted to disobey the orders of Allah.

  • As mentioned earlier, it is men’s nature to love luxurious lifestyle and it is the natural desire of all men to love power and wealth. Men believe with power, men would be able to obtain wealth and with wealth men would be able to lead a luxurious lifestyle. Men love for power and love to maintain power within the circles of his families lead to the emergence of monarchy. Monarchy is the oldest system used by men to choose leaders in their societies. Almost all ancient civilizations use monarchical system in choosing their leaders. The ancient Romans were the first ancient civilization that used the system of democracy in choosing their leaders. Monarchical system of choosing leaders developed because of men’s basic nature to love power and wealth. Monarchical system of choosing a leader was developed by men and all the systems developed by men are influenced by men’s own weaknesses. The greatest weakness of men is that; all men love power and wealth but the love of power and wealth is the foundation of all evils. Allah does not want men to love power and wealth and Allah has never ordered men to love power and wealth. Allah ordered men to love Allah more than to love other than Allah. Allah has never ordered men to work on gaining power or wealth. Allah has ordered man to work, when men have needs such as foods, accommodation, transport and clothes to be fulfilled. Men do not need power in order to live. Power is not the men’s need. When men’s needs are fulfilled, there is no obligation for men to work to earn his needs. The main work of men is not to earn his needs but to gain the pleasure of Allah by calling other men to recognize, to love and to obey the orders of Allah.

    Power and wealth are not necessities or needs to men. Foods, houses, clothes, companions and transports are necessities or needs to men. Although it is not the work that fulfills the needs of men, but when men have needs to be fulfilled, Allah orders men to work to earn his needs and also to make doa to Allah. Allah forbids men to ask for his needs from other men or only to make doa and not willing to work to earn his needs. Allah orders men to work to earn his needs as well as to make doa to Allah. When Allah gives men abundant wealth, Allah orders men to gives part of the wealth to the poor. Allah has never ordered us to become rich or poor. Rich or poor is only test from Allah. A person who is rich and powerful is not a sign that he or she is a successful person and a person who is poor and weak is not a sign that he or she is unsuccessful. Success or failure depends only on whether we are obeying or disobeying the orders of Allah. Allah will make us a successful person when we obey the orders of Allah with the intention to please Allah until Allah is pleased. Whether we are poor or rich if we continue to obey the orders of Allah in all situations, Allah will make us successful. Allah does not order us to become rich or powerful. Most politicians want to have power and to become rich as the millionaires. Many Muslims do not know that when Muslims have in their heart the desire to have power and wealth there are not obeying the order of Allah. Our aim or purpose of life is not to become rich or poor, or to become man with power or man without power but our main aim and purpose in life is to love Allah until we become the lover of Allah. Allah said in a Hadis Qudsi; make Me (Allah) as your aim in life, make Me (Allah) as the purpose of your life and make Me (Allah) as your lover, if you have Me (Allah) you will have everything.

    Monarchy is a result of men’s lust for power and wealth. All the monarchs of the world either in the past or current times live in a luxurious lifestyles. All monarchs of the world live in large palaces with so many workers to help them to maintain the palaces. All the palaces are well decorated with various types of paintings and would have so many rooms and in some palaces the rooms may even reach to a thousand. All palaces would have hundreds of bathrooms and toilets and usually there are many beautiful water fountains and gardens with various types of beautiful flowers around the palaces. All the ladies monarchs of the world wear expensive and beautiful dresses, shoes, undergarments and decorated their bodies with diamonds and gold. All monarchs of the world eat foods of highest quality. They are driven in expensive cars and are able to tour the world in such a grandeur manner. With such a luxurious lifestyle, who does not want to become a monarch? And who does not want their children to become a monarch too? When the children become monarch, they would be able to lead a luxurious lifestyle similar to their parents. It is the desire of all men to live like the monarch of the world, and it is also the desire of all the monarchs of the world to have their children to become a monarch too. This is the reason why monarchy had remained with mankind for a very longtime and even to those who are practicing democracy, are trying to turn it to monarchy.

    Most monarchs failed to fulfill their responsibilities as rulers, because since ancient times until today are busy enjoying themselves with the luxury of the world. When most monarchs of the world failed to deliver their responsibilities as rulers, it leads to social unrest which finally leads to the revolt of the peoples against the monarch. One of the famous people’s revolutions of the world, known as French Revolution, was a revolution of the French peoples, in overthrowing the monarch of France. Since the French revolution, there were many monarchs who had been overthrown by their peoples. Many monarchs of Indonesia were overthrown when Indonesia gains independence from the Dutch. Recently the system of monarchy in Nepal was replaced by the system of democracy. With the advancement of technology and communication in the world, the system of monarchy failed to remain relevant in the world. Many monarchs were being overthrown and loose their executive power. In order to avoid being overthrown by the peoples, many monarchs choose to loose their executive power but not their luxurious lifestyle. Now the system of monarchy is no longer relevant in the modern world and the role of many monarchs of the world is mainly ceremonial. As for example the monarchs of Malaysia and Great Britain are mainly use for ceremonial purposes. Now there are very few monarchs who are still having the executive power and one of them is the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam.

    Generally most countries which are ruled by monarchical system are less developed compare to countries which are ruled by the system of democracy. Many monarchs are now accepting the fact that the system of monarchy is no longer relevant in modern times. When the hierarchy of power only runs within a certain family, the system will not be able to recruit other personalities with far better qualities to become the ruler of the country. The first person who becomes the ruler must have been a person with good qualities, otherwise he will not be appointed to become the ruler of the country. When the son inherits the power he may or may not have the same good qualities as his father. In the system of monarchy the power to rule can easily goes to a person with bad qualities. According to monarchical system, to have leaders with good qualities is not important and what is important is the son must inherit the power to rule the country. Whether the son has good quality or not is secondary. In other words monarchical system is not in accordance to the orders of Allah. Allah orders the Muslims to choose the best among them to become the ruler of Muslims. The system of choosing a leader in Islam is the same as the way Allah told the Muslims to choose their imam in a congregational prayer. How do we choose someone to become our imam in solat with congregation? Allah orders us to appoint the best from among those who pray to become the imam of the congregational prayer. Similarly the best from among all the Muslims in a country must be chosen to become the leader of the country. Who is the best among the Muslims? The best among the Muslims is the one with the most taqwa and taqwa can be attained when a person fulfills the right of the Great Kalimah, and the right of the Great Kalimah is to invite men to good and to forbid men from evil.

    Monarchical system of selecting a leader is not an Islamic system. The system was developed as a result of men’s love towards power and wealth. In monarchical system, there is no general election as in democracy to select leaders. Power is inherited and given to a person because he is the son of a leader. Such system is no longer relevant in modern times. Monarchical system may work during ancient times but it is no longer relevant in modern times. In monarchy, there is no constancy in the quality of the leader that rules the country. A son, who inherits the power from his father, could be a good leader or he could be the worst leader. What would happen to the country when the ruler is the worst leader? Because monarchy and democracy are not an Islamic system, the system does not work at all time. The systems may work at certain times or to a certain communities only. As for example, democracy may work in a highly literate communities but it fail deliberately in illiterate communities. On the other hand, Islamic system of Caliphate works at all time and at all type of communities, because it is the system given by Allah to the whole mankind. However men refuse to use the system because it is against men’s desire to have power and wealth. It works in all communities but it works very well in the communities with many men have become believers and their desire are only to obtain the love of Allah.

    Prof. Dr. Nasoha Saabin
    June 2012
    Dean of Faculty of OptometryInternational University College of Technology Twintech
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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    About Prof. Dr. Nasoha Saabin
    Prof Dr Nasoha Saabin is a professional academician and qualified as an Optometrist with a Master degree in Optometry from Melbourne University, 1978. He currently serves as Dean, Faculty of Optometry, Twintech International University College, Damansara, Malaysia while receiving patients for various kinds of illnesses at his clinic, Integrative Holistic Wellness Centre located in Gombak, Selangor. He preaches Islam daily to none-muslim and muslim in his locality, writes books and produces song lyrics. His ideas, views and critics on various topics can be viewed at his official blog


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