Why I’m not Happy?

My hair is white now, where is happiness?

To remain happy in this world, we need to avoid those things which make us sad. There is nothing in this world which will give us continuous happiness but they will make us sad one or the another day. For example, you marry but you are not happy with each other even though it was a love marriage, you get a job but your colleages are corrupt, your parents are rude, your children are disobeident and there are endless matters which will make you sad and very few countable moments of happiness. That is why a Muslim is told in Islaam to have no hope and expectations from this world and to live this life for the next life to attain Paradise. If a human being spends his/her life upon the guidelines of Islaam and strives to attain paradise then his happiness is declared in this world and in the next world. Because you purchase sadness for the cost of next life which can be full of happiness.

Happiness is something which you cannot purchase from the super market, it needs your attention & dedication of which way is the right way of spending life. You will never be happy until you spend your life totally to attain paradise. Leaving the halaal pleasures of this world will never make you a happy person like monks and nuns, it is the challenge of taking both the visions together that will give you the continous happiness. We ask Allaah to give you the good of this world and of the next life!

Sheikh Danish Riyaz

Source : http://muslimfaith.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/why-im-not-happy/

Author: S.E.A.Mohamed Ali. "nidurali"

S.E.A.Mohamed Ali (Jinnah)B.A.,B.L., (nidurali) Nidur. Indeed all the praises are due to Allah, we praise him and we seek his assistance and forgiveness, and we seek refuge in Allah. https://aboutme.google.com/?referer=gplus

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