08 Mar

by mthago

Foods and basic necessities are affordable to everyone. This means everyone in Malaysia can afford to buy foods and other basic necessities and it is a dream of everyone in Malaysia. What has been witness all this while, the price of goods and basic needs has never decreased. The prices of all goods including basic necessities keep on increasing particularly when the government increases the salary of the government workers. When there is, increase in salary there will follow by an increase in the price of goods. When the government increases the price of petrol, there will be an increase of goods. When there is a reduction in the price of petrol there is no reduction in the prices of goods. The price of goods and basic needs is not in the hand of the government but in the hands of the traders particularly the wholesalers. Whenever the wholesaler wants to increase the price of goods, the government has very limited power to stop it. Government may have rules, but the rules and enforcement cannot stop them from increasing the prices of goods. How many enforcement officers the government can employ to stop traders from increasing the price of goods? During festival seasons, the government warns the traders that a severe punishment will be taken on them if they increase the price of goods. Only warning does not stop the traders from increasing the price of goods? Goods price depend on the demand and supply. When there are plenty of goods but there is no demand then the prices of goods will be lower. When the goods are limited and the demands of the goods are high then the prices of those goods will be higher. Wholesalers and traders only want more money and they want the prices of goods to be increased. When the goods are plenty, they will make the goods become limited by storing the goods or destroying them and in doing so the price of those goods are maintained. Whenever the government raises the salary of government workers or raises the price of oil, the wholesaler will increase the prices of goods and automatically, the traders will also increases the price of goods.

In order to ensure the price of goods and basic necessities are always affordable to the people, instead of letting the wholesalers and traders controlling the prices of goods, government should control the prices of goods. How government can control the prices of goods and basic necessities? Government can only control the prices of basic goods only when the government takes control of basic goods and basic necessities. Government will take control of basic goods when the government is involved in producing the basic goods and in marketing and selling them. When the government involved in the production of goods, marketing and selling the products then it will take control of the prices of those goods such as water, gas and electricity, houses, education, health and cars. It is up to the government to increase or to lower the prices of these basic goods and needs. What is the meaning of a government for the people, when the government lets the private companies produce, market, sell and control the prices of the foods and basic necessities. Our government during the time of Tun Dr Mahathir lets the production, management, supply, selling and marketing of basic needs such as electricity and water to the private companies. He did it because he wants to increase the efficiency in supplying these commodities and services to the peoples but at the expense of the increase of prices of these basic needs. In order to increase efficiency government does not need to privatize the services but to inculcate good working ethics and behaviors to all government workers by using self-talk therapy.

In order to reduce the price of foods that includes wet and dry foods, the government must produce, supply, market and sell the foods to the peoples. Government must own farms to grow all the basic foods such as rice, wheat, sugar canes, vegetables and fruits of various kinds and animals farms in the land or in the sea and rivers that rear chickens, ducks, goats, cows, fishes, prawns and squids. Government must also venture in the manufacturing of basic goods like clothes, school and house utensils, personal hygiene, laundry products, pants and trousers, shoes and slippers, chairs and sofa, and whatever products that become a households and kitchen needs. Government must own supermarket to sell its own products to the peoples at the prices determine by the government. Government must have marketing team to sell her products. In order to make the products to be more competitive in the market, government must continually does research on her products. When government is involved in production, supplying, marketing and selling the products, then the prices of these basic goods are no longer in the hands of wholesalers and traders but in the hand of the government. When government can prevent the wholesalers and traders from controlling the price, then the price of all the basic goods would have to follow the prices of the government. Private sectors would have to manufacture a better quality product than the government if they want to sell the same products at higher price. Commoners or average earning citizens will choose to buy the products made by the government, while the higher income earners may choose to buy the better quality products made by the private sectors.

In every five thousand to ten thousand population, the government must have one supermarket that will sell all the products grown, packed and manufactured by the government. All those who are involved in the production, manufacturing, selling, research and marketing the products are government workers. In order to improve their working ethics and efficiency they are compulsory to take treatment of behaviors using self-talk therapy. The management of these supermarkets is under the ministry of consumers and the productions of the various products are under the ministry of agriculture and industry and marketing products are under the ministry of marketing. Houses, cars, motorcycles, hand phones, computers, washing machines, televisions, cooking stoves and refrigerators are also basic needs and government needs to have factories to manufacture these products. The products are sold at the government supermarket at affordable prices even to those with minimum basic salary of RM2500. All Malaysians can buy all their need including houses and cars at the supermarket. Government have their own contractors and factories that manufacture the government building materials and build houses for the peoples at affordable prices even to those with minimum basic salary of RM2500. Many peoples will become government employees and the government can easily deduct from their monthly salary, any installment they had with government in buying all the government products. Those working in private sectors are also eligible to buy government products on installment basis provided they can produce their salary slips from their employers.

Government also took charge in the production, supply, marketing and selling of electricity, gas, water and petrol. Government will control the prices of all these commodities and all Malaysian will enjoy lower prices for their water, electricity, gas and petrol bills. Malaysia should find more oil in her territories and uses some of the oil for her own needs and the balance is sold to other countries. Government can sell good oil to her own people at lower prices and sell it to other countries according to the market prices. Government does not have to give subsidies for the oil anymore since the price of oil is already low. What is means by subsidies is the government has bought the cheap oil at certain prices but the government has to sell it to the peoples at much lower prices than the buying prices. The difference in the price, the current government calls it subsidies. What about the profit obtained by selling our good oil at much higher prices to other countries? Can the extra money we gain by selling our good oil pay the different in prices between the cheap oil that we have bought from other countries and the price that we sell to our peoples. Government obtain huge profit by selling good oil to other countries but the government should obtain only minimum profit when they sell the good oil to her own peoples. When the prices of oil and all other basic necessities are low and affordable to everyone, only then Malaysians can be said to be prosperous and Malaysia is a prosperous country. With high income and high basic salary and the prices of basic goods and necessities at affordable price, all Malaysians will have high purchasing power and live in Malaysia is simply living in peace with no worries of basic needs.

In prosperous Malaysia there would be nobody who will live without foods, education, medical treatments, houses and transport. In prosperous Malaysia there will be no poor people and no Malaysians will live without food even a day. Everybody can obtain foods three times daily in Malaysia. Whoever has problems with their basic need will be helped by the government. Everyone who has problems simply go to the mosques in her or his locality to obtain help from the government. Whoever has no job will get job and whoever has no food will get coupons where with the coupons they will get foods from the government supermarket. Those who are sick and have no money to get treatment can go to the mosques to obtain insurance policy that will pay for their medical treatment. Whoever has problems in whatever forms can simply go to any mosque to get help from the government. Government officers at the mosques will help to link them with other government agencies in case they are not able to help them directly. The mosques will have all the information and personal details of everybody in the locality and link the details to the national statistical agency. All Mosques become the real link between every individual in the locality and the various government agencies in the country. Government will take care of all the basic goods and needs of the peoples while the private sectors will take care of the non-necessities goods and needs of the rich peoples. Average peoples in Malaysia would be happy if they can have all their basic goods and needs fulfill at lower prices while the rich can buy the more expensive and non-necessities products made by the private sectors.

Prof. Dr. Nasoha Saabin
March 2012
Dean of Faculty of Optometry
International University College of Technology Twintech
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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