How do we make our Dua?

15 Dec

The good news about the Duas that we make is that our prophet has already taught us most of the Duas related to situations such as hardship, anxiety, depression, forgiveness of sins, attaining more wealth, health, well being for the family, and for achieving other general good in this life and the hereafter.


So, as long as you are making all those Duas for yourself anyway, why not make them in the exact words that the prophet did and also taught us to do the same?

If you read some of the prophet’s Duas (visit the link below to see 70 posted Duas pertaining to various issues), pay particular attention to the protocol that the prophet exercised when making some of the longer Duas. You will notice that those Duas involve praising Allah, seeking forgiveness for ones sins, acknowledging His attributes, and  recognizing His power over the entire universe followed by presenting one’s needs to Allah.

The language of the Duas as the prophet had taught us includes words that elevate us to a state where we adopt humility, abandon pride of all sorts, reinforce our belief in His Oneness, and acknowledge our dependence on Allah. Accordingly, as those words humble you in front of your Creator and instill within you the empowering emotions of gratitude and humility, you are then ready to make your case to Him. Knowing the protocols of making Dua, you very well know that getting into that state has a better chance of getting your Duas heard than making simple flat statements in a hurry.

If you attentively read the Duas that the prophet taught us, you will also learn about matters that you probably didn’t know would be beneficial or hurtful to you.

So, take the time to make these Duas as the prophet made them. All that’s needed to get your pleas to Allah is for YOU to get on the case and do it.

Click here to review some selected Duas …

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