The Islam Project: Maps + Islam around the World

25 Oct

The Maps on this site are designed to engage your students in the study of Islam and muslims. The maps include:

Please click to Read more The Muslim World Circa 750

Read more The Crusades 1096 to 1289

The Ottoman Empire: 1350 to 1918

Western Europe: Muslim Population Circa 2000

Muslim Countries of Africa, Asia, Middle East, South East Asia Circa 2000

The United States: Muslim Population Circa 2000


South America: Muslim Population Circa 2000

Source :


Muslims From Every Country- Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Albania, Bosnia, Turkey, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Lybia, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Spain, Italy, France, America, Australia, Spain, Austria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, India, China, Russia, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Indonesia, Lebanon, Oman, Dubai ,Malaysia and More..

Every Country In the World has Muslims Everywhere, Every Race, Color, Origin, Language dedicate This To Everyone In the world…


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