A look at Indian Muslims religious and spiritual leaders on Facebook

03 Aug

By Manzar Bilal,,

The social networking site Facebook is one of the platforms where millions of people living in different parts of the world from different groups of faiths share and discuss their ideas, experiences, activities and even sorrow and happiness of their lives. People use the site for multiple purposes, for instance, to spread their religious views and ideologies, to promote their business and to campaign against and in favor of people and issues.

Gone are the days when Islamic scholars kept themselves away from using modern technology for religious purpose. Now just like scholars of other religions, Islamic scholars and spiritual leaders from across the world are also using the computer and internet frequently.

Indian Ulema who have history of having cautiousness or hesitation initially using any modern product ( as they did in using radio, TV, loudspeakers) have been quick to use internet for religious as well as social purpose which was unimaginable in the past.

It is result of this change that a large number of Indian Ulema from both groups—who have only religious education and who have modern education too—have their accounts on Facebook to connect with the people and share their thoughts. Now, type a word like ’Maulana’ ‘Qasmi’, ‘Rizwi’, ‘Ashrafi’ and ‘Falahi’ in the search box of networking site like Facebook and you would see a long list on the computer screen before you.

This includes some top and prominent Indian religious scholars and spiritual leaders, though many of them are not using it themselves but their followers and relatives are operating it with their approval and posting on behalf of them on their pages. This at least provides information about the activities of these scholars as well as people are benefiting from their articles and speeches.

To see what the issues and topics, these leaders are discussing on this fast attracting site and what are being posted on their walls, has looked into the accounts of some top Indian Muslim religious leaders.

Maulana Salman Hasani Nadwi

Friends— 5001

Facebook page —-

Maulana Salman is a prominent Islamic scholar and an influent orator both in Arabic and Urdu. He is the Dean of the Faculty of Shariah at the renowned Darul Uloom Nadwat ul-Ulama in Lucknow and member of the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board.

His Facebook page mostly contains videos of his speeches delivered in different places and occasions in the country as well as abroad. Some of these speeches are in Urdu and some in Arabic on different topics such as ‘Sahi Talim,’ ‘Quraan ka Haq,’ ‘Seerat Nabi’, ‘Jin ki Haqiqat’, ‘How to be leaders?’ and ‘Islam: solution for all’. No doubts his followers and friends on the Facebook can benefit from his speeches easily sitting in their houses thanks to this site.

Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani

Friends— 4342

Facebook page —-


Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani is famous Islamic scholar, thinker and researcher with expertise in Islamic jurisprudence. He is the General Secretary of Islami Fiqh Academy, India and founder member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board. Author of more than 50 books, Maulana Rahmani speaks and writes boldly on current topics in the light of Shariah.

As he is a Mufti, his Facebook page has his well-disciplined articles and research works on different topic such as Muslim ‘Personal Law & Family Matters’, ‘Hindustani Musalmano ke Maashi Masail’,

‘Namaz_ki_ehmiyat_aur_uska_tariqa hadees ki roshni mein.’ Besides, the videos of his some speeches delivered in and out of the country are available on his page. His important notes and answers to several questions have been also posted there.

Maulana Gulam Mohammad Vastanvi

Friends— 2511

Facebook page

Maulana Gulam Mohammad Vastanwi is former rector of the most influential Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband and also founder of Jamia Islamia Ishaatul Uloom, Akkalkuwa, Maharshtra. Having a MBA degree, Vastanvi introduced modern and technical educations in about 200 madarsas run by him in several places of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Soon after his appointment as rector of Darul Uloom Deoband on January 10, 2011, several sections of people came out against him, his alleged praising words for Narendera Modi added fuel to the fire. This led to uneasy situation at the seminary campus and finally he was sacked from the post by the governing council of the seminary on July 23.

His account on Fasebook with more than two thousands friends was not regularly updated. Perhaps, therefore, there was at times a decrease in the number of his friends but as soon as he was removed from the post of Deoband VC, he got much publicity and there was huge jump in his friend list.

His clarification, posted on his page soon after his removal that he would not move to the court against the shoora’s decision earned him praise and words of solidarity from his fans and followers which might not been if he decided to knock the door of court as media was propagating.

Badruddin Ajmal

Friends— 530

Facebook page —–

Maulana Badruddin Ajmal is an MP from Dhubri, Assam and fonder president of his party All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF). He is also member of the executive council of Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband.

Perfume baron, Maulana Ajmal is famous for his social, educational and political works. He funded NGO Markazul Ma’arif in Assam which runs schools, orphanages, hospitals besides many other social, educational and economic developmental activities in the north-east states and country at large.

His Facebook page is maintained by his fans. The page has mostly news related to his political party AIUDF and his own activities published in different newspapers and news portals. His fans and friends also put questions there which were answered by the operator of the page. So, one can find information about latest political activities of Maulana Ajmal and his party here and also latest news related to Muslims of Assam.

Maulana Mohammad Kaleem Siddiqui

Friends— 413

Facebook page —-

Maulana Mohammad Kaleem Siddiqui is an Islamic scholar and spiritual leader as well as preacher of Islam. A product of Darul Uloom, Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow, Maulana also holds a degree in Chemistry.

Famous for his Daw’ah work, Maulana established Jamiyat Imam Waliullah Trust for Charity and Da’wah work. He started several schools and madarsas in various states of India. He also publishes magazine Armughan in Urdu, Sarva Shanti in Hindi and Al-Khair in Arabic. Maulana also established World Peace Organization which works for peace and communal harmony.

As his interest is in the field of work is Dawah, the contains of his Facebook page include videos of his speeches delivered among Muslims as well as non-Muslims gatherings, information about his programs, besides some valuable articles posted by his fans on the wall.

Maulana Kalbe Jawwad

Friends—- 102

Facebook page —-

Maulana Kalbe Jawwad is a prominent Shia scholar and Imam-e-Juma Maulana at the Shahi Asafi Mosque in Lucknow, the capital city of Utter Pradesh. He is a senior member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board. He is chairman of the committee of Shia Orphanage Gulistan-e-Abutalib in Lucknow and also head Tehreek-e-Awqaf in Lucknow.

Besides religious activities, he has been involved in social works especially for Shia community. He has credit to get lifted two decades old ban on Azadari processions in Lucknow in 1979 with leading vigorous protests.
However, it seems his Facebook account is newly created or not updated actively. Therefore, nothing important is available on his wall.

Dr. Zakir Naik

Friends— 25128

Facebook page —-

Dr. Zakir Naik is a well-known researcher, orator and preacher of Islam. His special field of work is comparative religious studies. He is doing Dawah in English language. He has delivered hundreds of lectures and talks in English language and Urdu in the country as well as abroad on different Islamic topic. He has also won debates against scholars and preachers of other faiths.

He has established Islamic Research Foundation in 1991 to promote Islamic Dawah – the proper presentation, understanding and appreciation of Islam, as well as removing misconceptions about Islam amongst less aware Muslims and non-Muslims. He also runs Peace TV which broadcasts speeches of Islamic scholars, Islamic programs and Qir’at of Quran.

His Facebook page is dedicated for the religious activities. So, on his page there are videos of his public talks, the videos of his most appreciated questions and answers sessions and translations of Ahadith as well as his messages to the people.

Maulana Mahmood Ahmed Madani

Friends— 35

Facebook page —-

Maulana Mahmood Ahmed Madani is Rajya Sabha MP and general secretary of one of the biggest Muslim organizations in India, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind (JUH).He is working for equality, social justice and educational uflitment for the community from the platform of JUH.

It was Mahmood Madani who got anti-terrorism fatwa passed by Deoband seminary and published it widely. he carried forward the Darul Uloom Deoband’s call for anti-terrorism and under the banner of JUH, he launched anti-terrorism campaign and organized about 40 anti terrorism conferences all over the country including Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow and Kolkata.
Perhaps his Facebook page is created recently so, no important activities and posting are on his wall.

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Friends— 430

Facebook page —-

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan is a noted Islamic scholar. He has penned down several books and articles on different issues. The al-Risala, a magazine consisting of almost entirely his articles and writings, is published in Urdu, English and Hindi. He has translated the Quran in simple and contemporary English.

He has received several awards including Demiurgus Peace International Award, Padma Bhushan and National Citizen’s Award. But he has always been under fire from the community and Indian Islamic scholars due to his controversial writings and speeches.

The operator of his Facebook page does not seem active as nothing has been posted on behalf of him despite his multiple speeches and articles available on the net. The only things on his page are the posting by his fans.

Maulana Burhanuddin Qasmi

Friends— 3822

Facebook page

Maulana Burhanuddin Qasmi (known as MB Qasmi) is an Islamic scholar, thinker, writer and editor of monthly English magazine, Eastern Crescent published from Mumbai. He is also director of Markazul Maarif Eudcation and Research Centre, Mumbai established by Maulana Badruddin Ajmal which is imparting English language and research skills to Madrassa graduates.

MB Qasmi is one of the rare Islamic scholar who uses the facebook as himself and very active in this realm.

A graduate of Darul Uloom Deoband, MB Qasmi has written number of articles and booklets in English and Urdu on religious, political and social issues published in national as well as international journals and newspapers. He has also delivered speeches and presented his papers at different conferences and seminars. Besides, he is actively involved in social as well as political activities in Maharshtra. He is spokesperson of Maharashtra unit of AlUDF led by Maulana Badruddin Ajmal.

On his Facebook page you will find materials and information on religious topics, community matters and political affairs. There are videos of Islamic speeches and naat sharif, news and articles related to Indian Muslims published in newspapers, news about AIUDF and activities of his institution Markazul Maarif Eudcation and Research Centre. Most recently his comprehensive write up ‘Deoband at the crossroads’ on removal of Maulana Vastanvi from the post of Darul Uloom VC has been published on July 30 in several national newspapers and news portals including Pioneer and Asian Tribute.

Sayyad Muhammad Hashmi Miyan Ashrafi Jilani

Friends— 1228

Facebook page

Sayyad Muhammad Hashmi Miyan al-Ashrafi al-Jilani is an Indian spiritual leader and prominent among Barelvi sect of Muslims. He is orator and author of several books. He is known for delivering speeches against Deobandi and Wahabi sects of Muslims.

His Facebook contains include videos of his speeches mostly on his favorite topic (anti-Deobandi and Wahabi) as well as speeches of some other scholars from India and Pakistan. His followers and fans also posted religious materials and naat sharif on his wall.

Maulana Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi

Friends— 585

Facebook page —-

Maulana Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi is a Shia Islamic scholar and political and social leader. Born in a village of Siwan district of Bihar, Maulana Rushaid lives in Delhi. He got his education in India as well as in Iran. He is just at his 35 years of his age but got national recognition for his involvement in social and political works and bold speeches. He is a good orator and appears on TV time to time. He has been actively participating in anti-corruption campaign of Baba Ramdev.

His public talks and interviews at TVs have been posted on his Facebook page. The followers and fans also posted several things on his wall.


One measure of popularity in the online world is to see who has got the most friends/fans/followers. Dr. Zakir Naik with more than 25,000 fans wins hands down in this category. But this is not a fair comparison for those who arrived late to this party, therefore, we decided to keep an eye on their friend lists for a month.

As far as increase in number of friends is concerned, we found Dr. Zakir Naik again tops the list by adding 4983 more friends from July 1 to July 30, 2011. Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani is second with 1777 additional friends while with 1128 more friends Maulana Salman Nadwi is on third position followed by Maulana Burhanuddin Qasmi who got 146 friends during this period.

But if we look according to the percentage of growth in number of friends, Maulana Kalbe Jawwad who has just 102 friends top the list with 137% growth while Maulana Vastanvi secured second position with 126%. Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani with 69% and Maulana Mahmood Ahmed Madani with 40% growths are third and fourth respectively while Maulana Salman Nadwi holds fifth position with 29% growth. Dr. Naik comes at sixth position seeing 24% growth in his friends list.

The growth rate of Maulana Vastanvi was very interesting. The number of his friends on July 1 was 1109 which went down to 1106 on July 7 but from here the increase in the number of his friends started and till July 30 when the number of his friends jumped to 2511, most of it coming after he was removed as VC of Darul Uloom Daobnd.

The table given bellow has record of increase and decrease in the number of friends/followers from July 1 to July 30 2011.


Friends on July 1

Friends on July 7

Friends on July 15

Friends on July 23

Friends on July 30



Dr. Zakir Naik








Khalid Saifullah Rahmani








Moalana Gulaam Mohammad Vastanvi








Maulana Salman Nadwi








Maulana Burhanuddin Qasmi (MB Qasmi)








Maulana Mohammad Kaleem Siddiqui








Maulana Kalbe Jawwad








Maulana Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi








Mawlana Pir Sayyad Muhammad Hashmi miya al-Ashrafi al-Jilani








Badruddin Ajmal  (page)








Maulana Wahiduddin Khan








Maulana Mahmood Ahmed Madani








Note—indeed there are many other Islamic scholars on Facebook some of whom we know and some we do not know but we mentioned here only some of them. Besides, we have tried to write brief introduction of these scholars otherwise it will cover thousands of pages.

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