Me and ISLAM as a western girl !! (my true story)

16 Jun

Assalamualeykum, dear brother and dear sister.
=>a simple explication of :why am i always talking about ISLAM ? How did I trust at this wonderful religion ?

Birth to Childhood

  I was born on the month of january, in 1994, at villeurbanne around Lyon(FRANCE). My parents are from INDIA and they are of the Muslim faith. I mostly grew up in FRANCE, in a suburb wich is called Vaulx en Velin. In Vaulx en Velin, there are too many muslims, some small Masjid.
    At one year, like every babies of my age, i just enjoy my life by playing all the day with my toys. In 1995, it was an unforgettable year, where i met for the first time my lovely grandparents. I always say lovely, wonderful, beautiful, etc. when i’m talking about them, because they are good exemples for me and for everyone, i think. They are so religious, MASHA’ALLAH.
       In 1996, I went to INDIA, where i saw my family wich is very very big and filled to the brim of affection …
My wonderful grandparents were always talking about ISLAM. Because of this, i asked myself  “why should i trust on ALLAH(swt) ?” (Now i’m ashamed myself).
         In September 1997, i went for the first time to the nursery school. At the registration of this school, my father enrolled me as Shameena, but at the start of school, they changed my name as Samina. When my father asked them “why did you changed the name of my daughter ?”,they just said “it’s complicate to write her name and we don’t know how to pronounce it !”…
         In 2000, at the age of 6, i started to pray correctly and read the QURAN (but irregularly). I was at the elementary school at this time, and i was so sporty, fond of football. Always practise it, without break (football, gymnastics, ice hockey and taekwondo). I was like a boy … (Don’t worry it’s the past !!!)
         In 2005, around the end of may, i met some knee problem during my practise. Then i went to see my doctor, who told me to stop sport. What i didn’t do it. My aunty always told me to pray regularly, but i didn’t listen her. My situation was aggravate in July 2005. I really had bad holidays.
         September 2005, I came to secondary school, where i stop every activities(sports). 
The changement

          30th of June 2007, I lost someone who was really important to my eyes : My aunt.y. She was like a second mother. Very close to me, more than my mother. She learnt me many things about ISLAM(sourates, prayer, etc.).    At this moment, my only wish, was that she go to the heaven. Then i asked to my uncle : ” Is she going to the heaven ?”, he just said ” Ask to ALLAH(swt) to send her to the heaven.
_ Okay, but how ?
_ Pray regularly, then HE will fulfill your wish and your aunty will be happy at the same time.”
                 After this I began to pray regularly, in the intention to send her to the heaven. It’s now that i start to be shy with everyone. I was always in my room, won’t talk with people. I fall in the depression. I took more than 20KG(49Kg => 72Kg). Doctors said that i was in obesity, and that i have to lose it immediatly, or i can meet some serious problem. But i didn’t want it to make effort to lose it. In my class, everyone insult me. Only because i was fat(in FRANCE more you are slim more people will respect you).
                 After May, i didn’t go to school. Then in July 2008, i went to INDIA, where my weight wasn’t a problem. I spent all my time with my precious family, I found the simle with them. The smile that i lost in 2007. My grandmother learnt me many things to know in ISLAM.
                 When i came back to FRANCE, i was so sad to leave my lovely family. I always pray for them. And one day i try to ask to ALLAH(swt) to cure me of the obesity. HE really curred me, after 5 months i can see a good result, i lost 9Kg.  End of June, I was stuying the 9th standard.(In FRANCE, we have a big exam in this class). As we can guess i hate school, wich means i’m not good in studies(except : english, physiqs, camputer class and little beat maths). At my big surprise i got it(with a good mark), with the grace of ALLAH(swt), Alhamdullilah. HE rewarded me for my hard work.
Start the wearing of the HIJAB

              After this, i could enter in a high school wich really have a godd reputation. I was happy to do my 10th standard in this school, because i always wanted to do a 11th standard SE(sciences of engineering), to become a camputer engineer(my childhod dream).
                October 2009, started to wear the Hijab regularly. So many comments about it, like “masha’allah, you are going in the right way”, “it’s suits you very well”, “it’s make you more beautiful”, and also some negative comments like : “it hide your beauty/beautiful hair”, “your hair will disheveled, when you will remove your Hijab !”. Most of people, think that it’s my parents who forced me to wear it. But i clearly said : It’s my choice, my parents never forced me to wear it. Why did i start to wear the Hijab regularly ? => I read in the QURAN that if you wear the Hijab :
_ you will show your respect to ALLAh(swt)
_ you will be protect
so many things like that …
                      In january 2010, i had an interview. To see if i can do SE course. I was so excited. When i came in the waiting room, i only see boys, i was afraid. Actually, i respect the distance between boys and girls in ISLAM. That’s why, i voluntary failed at this exam. No one in my family know this matter, except me and some of my cousins.
                        May 14th 2010, the day where my knee problem will be solved. I just had 3 operations, if i felt strong it’s just because of my prayer(not only mine). I never feel my pain, Alhamdullilah.
                     To refresh my mind, i went to INDIA. Enjoy to wear bhurka, inever feel hot when i wear it !!!
            We always said that ALLAH(swt) forgive us ! And it’s true : 11th August 2010, HE forgave me and my family. This moment of my life make me more believe on ALLAH(swt). Alhamdullilah, i’m sure that i won’t “QUIT ISLAM”!!
Hijab a problem for you but never for me !!

September 2010, i started 1st year ARCU course(Host relationship customers/users). In this course we must do 2 periods of professional training. I searched it everywhere in Lyon(my town), they all give me interviews like everyone. They never looked my qualification (curriculum viate and my motivation letter). They all rejected me because of my Hijab. It’s not because of that, that i will remove my Hijab. I noticed that people always have a bad look on women who wear bhurka, abbaya, niqab,etc… Alhamdullilah, women still wearing bhurka, niqab, etc…

My message

Today, i just want to forward an important message to muslims who want to settle in FRANCE. Unfortunately, i was born and grow in FRANCE. In this contry, we can observed with the time that muslims are not really welcome. Few months ago, the french government forbidden the wearing of the niqab(cover the full face).
Next year, they prepared a second banning of the bhurka
If they do that, they will probably forbidden the wearing of the Hijab !!!!!

Everyday, in my prayers i asked to ALLAH(swt) : “settle me as soon as possible in INDIA “. Why INDIA : there is all my family, we can practise ISLAM without problem…  Wear bhurka and cover our face face without problem.

The big changement on me :

_ I’m always cool ( i can be angry very very rarely)
_ 100% happy
_ Feel more better
_ Become more modest
_ Even if doctors don’t know what i have (knee problem wich no one saw it before), I don’t take it serious, i just think : “ALLAH(swt) know the best for us …
           Just try to read the QURAN and pray regularly you will see the changement yourself : you will be cool, tolerant, etc. Then you will thank ALLAH(swt) for this changement !!!!
         Something in your life will make trust on ISLAM, and something else will make you strong on your faith(ISLAM)
Insha’allah i’m going to try to wear the bhurka …
Yours M.Shameena

I Want to thank Laura DUART and Merve ÇAKMAK : my Kiz Kardesleri kalp(sisters heart in turkish), who support me a lot in this !!!

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