searching for money, fame, luxurious life

27 Feb

aslamu alikkum

The people are searching for money, fame, luxurious life, and peace too. this is what inconsistency of life, if we need peace the first three will helps no-longer for that, and ISLAM gives you if we really lead the islamic life.

The basic pillars of Islam are

  • Witnessing-Shahadah

Islam is not merely the confession of a faith which is made once in a lifetime. It requires a radical reorientation of life and thought. The confession is not merely verbal; it is an act of witnessing (Shahadah) which must transform our life into a living testimony of faith. You enter Islam by saying Shahadah (bearing witness). But you can live in Islam only by constantly doing Shahadah (Quran 2:143, 22:28). This will bring you in ceaseless confrontation with false gods inside you and outside you. Every act of sacrifice nourishes your Iman; for it transforms a verbal confession into a living reality. Therefore, it is through sacrifice that you can truly learn to love Allah, and to live and die for Him!


  • Prayer-Salat

  • Charity-Zakah

  • Fasting-Sawm

  • Pilgrimage-Hajj

The question is are we really do all the above mentioned fundamental duties to be Muslim, the obvious answer is no. insha allah, allah will keep the demon away from us and let us to be the Muslim (however not shia Muslim, sunni Muslim, or whatever)

as a student of Islam i came to know that we do not follow what holly Quran says.

being a Muslim these are may be the major mistake what we do

DARGAH WORSHIP that make us to refuse laa ilaaha illallah
Todays modern world keeps us engaged on earning money for the daily life which led us to stay away from salah
what ever we earn thats never enough for our daily luxurious life which stops us to offer Zakah
fasting alhamdulillah we do it at-least on Ramadan
hajj, almost every Muslim get this opportunity insha allah, but when if we do not satisfy the condition to be a Muslim(not literally), there is no point in hajj

so we are lack in doing the fundamental rules of islam,

making sex in Muslim community is haram

interest is haram

having tobacco and alcohol is haram

killing a Muslim or innocent people is haram

even staring a girl who is not our wife, sister or mom is haram

HARAM is not just a word, that is the term which lead us in to the hell fire where a human kind never likes to live

insha Allah, we have to follow the Islam as it is.

please visit the website where the video guide is available for especially non-Muslims insha allah, i hope the right information are given as per my knowledge, if any of wrong or anti-islamic information are found please let me know to check it you. thank you.




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