Democracy and Islam

31 Jan

Perceptions and Misperceptions

Islam continues to be at the center stage of the global community. Yet the Muslim world – nearly 1/5th of the world population – is currently in a dysfunctional state, caught between the modern as well as the mundane aspirations of life on one hand and a disconnect from the past glories and transcending values –beliefs that these people identify with, on the other.

Muslim world would like to progress past its problems without de-linking from Islam. The western countries, currently dominating the world, supposedly prefer that the Muslim world move forward, too, but also de-link itself from Islam except at the personal or spiritual level, and most definitely, not upset the current global status quo.

Western countries are mostly democratic and they claim that they would like to see the spread of democracy around the world. They consider democracy to be an indispensable modern ideal that, they contend, is quite conducive to attaining modern aspirations of life. The current superstructure of the world – defined in terms of the economic, political, military and technological power and the accompanying apparatus – definitely reflects the strength of democracy. Modern superpowers, such as the former Soviet Union, that did not adopt democracy, have collapsed. Another major power, China, despite some economic success, offers a significantly lower standard of living than any western countries.
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