Campaign Blogs in Mizaan, 2

06 Dec

by Drsonnet Sonnet Cardiology specialist

Start myself in a series of codes in the balance. This self-assessment of the Code of something my heart where I will be here with my blog and reported. And I like to quote from the comments written by readers of the blog entries the last entry was: Should I continue blogging? and blog entries a year of blogging

(Write and Spread Maihlo you. and the way you like. that was written into the policy you will find dirty game behind. although I wrote to the religion you will find semi-snobs Sicefqon you so do not take hold with your mind that this is the religion which is not the case. although written in love for Ocdety lovers and gay walk you Mturnhieddin. The made for yourself a special way as you do for the presence of you have only respect you really do not lie …. no to the recent blog entries … Yes, yes, a blog thing my heart) Luma Ahloul
(As bloggers to know you You must have the activity and comments in their blogs) Mama omuleanu
(Lost to us securities and times and things, in order to keep our time and our cards and stuff back, write in the blog … write for yourself first … Vdvdi) to God or poor girls
(The large number of comments based on three main things the content of the Code, the exchange of comments Tktherin any of the comment in other blogs and comment on the way to facilitate non-bloggers) A / Amr
(This keeps the notation and the people are solved, and come and go but the floor remains.) (I admire your writing and much Mwasaltk write without interruption and to say that this feature is found in the Arab world. as I like also that a smooth blend between literature and religion and science.) A / Aref Dosari site – Publications
(The value of the thing in itself and how good. Oci my heart a valuable and useful … ” my heart something beautiful “and because they benefited from the experiences of her predecessors; out our form and contents of the most beautiful) A / Karim Shams commented on a blog
(Good style, and your posts also . Keep enabled you God) A / Karim Abdel Morocco blog

Says my blog: Tptaadin periods for the current political events in Egypt … Why?

Since I wrote, saying: (admitted there blog entries about current events you have deleted prior to publication. I confess somewhat negative. Today, I say jokingly : (What’s Andnac girls talk politics hehehehe). So, a little succeeded in changing the pattern recorded in the border area of freedom available to me more. and when I wrote about Khalid Saeed. the number of visitors to this post is increasing per day to hundreds of visitors, and the other by quoting the paragraphs in the comments of other sites, or transfer of entry complete with Thanksgiving. Yes, I can write in some political events in a language press and literary. but there are things beyond my control This is not my profession and the people you love to follow Mdeii political blogging full transfer news, moment by moment and abusive at times as a kind of opposition or review commented on the large and small, political, historical and behind the computer and the electronic revolution and the way adolescence is not for me as a writer of substance. perhaps also because the nature of the Code diverse which is not only a politician. admitted that he must write to reduce the chaos that filled the blogs named policy as and many of them motoring news and other foaming with visitors in a vicious cycle in accordance with the agendas of their respective owners and are hidden He was the greatest. Unfortunately, not all those who raise the slogan of resistance and forms as well as on his blog a hero! and here I am writing about the serial group, will succeed in that?
Do I have to change the definition of the Code of the Code of the Code of cultural variety. Perhaps on that more than interested in that aspect of Entries political or current events a little bit. Sometimes with events force you to speak when the overflowing Us alkyl (entries Khalid Saeed, women and iron victory sign, a series of freedoms). And sometimes do not find it written in his blog about political news, world probably because it will not benefit anything in any of the codes of Arab and Egyptian private Vtdtron looking at sites and translate them and received a stone in stagnant water, hoping someone knows and understands what is happening such as my follow up and analysis of events Balkans. Was – and thankfully – integrated testimony of a lot of Arab visitors and foreigners. And sometimes must be involved in line of important events and more effort is different from the cut and paste from my postings, such as Tal Almlouhi and a convoy of freedom , where synchronizing events moment by moment with the analysis over the weeks. Some bloggers are talking more engaged in politics and not the best and winning the increased number of visitors. Sort by quantum is what interests me in the political writings. Appears to identify the other accounts! There are blog entries (Mama America why red eye) and (to kill Villa), published after the translation to other blogs. Praise be to God.
Participate in campaigns such as: campaign boycotted meat in Egypt, correct hijab, Egypt and Algeria,…. and finally drive the release of Tal Almlouhi and you make a design and collected some of what is said about them and links to several campaign. ActiveX does not develop its own banner, but written in the subject of the reality of conviction without bidding.
Change the blog template every time … why? However, I do not want a template with three columns and by the ties of social participation (such as Twitter and Facebook) and other features do not meet in the free templates. Gradually I was able to choose the best, especially that the blogger has improved and added new features. Months passed and I did not change blog template … thanks blogger, and time constraints.
The use of Javascript codes slow to download the code. I try to minimize as much as possible and you modify the template of a blog Dhu’ayb became faster as the images appear relatively late. But I am not giving all the important connections even if they bear slowly. Apologized for the ad links exchange due to slow loading. Do not place the Kompass Java is important, such as strings and welcome flash time and photos of nature and games. I tried a little bit at the beginning of blogging (from myself). Enumerators were canceled for the visitors despite the advantages, and settled any Google Stat and Stat Counter.
The number of visitors and observers on the rise. Praise be to God. There are some links to blog posts are my other blogs, but not many. Used a post and I am not a human being like me as a reference in the first article of civilized dialogue. There is a unique blog entries such as Be with God and some blog posts a series of Bosnia appear in the search for a vocabulary, which always brings me a lot of visitors because the vocabulary found exclusive Bmdonte. Stopped using the property reference link in the blogger for a while, Soaidha now. The number of fan page on Facebook Blog rough from 900 to 1400 in 6 months. While the number of visitors to 43 thousand in two years. Average number of visitors now two hundred according to Google Stat. These percentages are approximate: some may count my visits, or repeated visits is calculated. Of course there are codes of best of me and reached hundreds of thousand and exceeded one million (which gives us Attahm).
The quality of visitors: here I am proud of all visitors and observers have even come by chance or for the first time through the search engine. I am very pleased diversity Zouari even non-Arabs, and from the east of the Maghreb. I knew after that there is a paralytic and courtesies, and other accounts in blogging such as blogging for partisan purposes, and groups or agendas of foreign countries. blogging to improve the level of Arab blogging in general, and each visitor cream deserves to be tired for it, and for myself. I am blogging to change smoothly.
Assessment scale pages of four years. Other assessments increase and decrease according to the activity code number of visitors. I was in the ten most active on the rig Blogs Blogs of weeks but the site is now in the process of modernization. Entered in groups such as the codification of good summaries of the Arab and Muslim bloggers and blasted the planet. Failed to Subscribe to the complex and the complex of urban touts! If anybody knows adds my blog I appreciate it.
Not to comment to other blogs to time constraints. Entries are some good and all I can say is shortened inter praise. Some do not add me something I do not want to negatively criticized directly and does not Ojaml. Once she visited me I do not know a blog quickly and ignorance attached to the address without reading the entry just because they visited the blog and would like to prove its presence. I do not like this method. Perhaps there are different codes with them and welcome in my opinion and accept criticism. Maybe I should interact more with other blogs. And this has been my approach over the short term. My comments and further increased its Zouari. Because there are those who do not know my blog only when I visited their blog and leave the impression (with comments). Comment important to you and to others.
Spread the idea of information between bloggers: writing for blogs featured may not be known to many in the Arab world and the non-Arab. And this is what Sankmlh together, God willing.
On the contrary, began a series without honor codes to warn of malicious codes and sites on the Internet. And will continue as per the available information.
Commitment to blogging continuously without interruption for two years. I am currently blogging at a post every three days to a week, and may increase in certain cases. In the worst conditions I write what I want on the computer then go to a Post comments and respond to consciousness. And then type a new post and I visit blogs and sites Otabaha deals. All of this happens in an hour or two hours only! This happens one day a week. And sometimes occurs in conditions cut off the Internet a lot, or not available in time. The Vaadhironi Gbt or did not respond to a comment. But I read it all and respected.
Commitment to the goal. I learned that I responsible for the work of the Cultural and Intellectual simple, and the follow-up. God used the flood of blogs vulgar and superficial and manipulative politics and religion; Vinkhadda out a lot of visitors to the blogs. (And this talk is coming, God willing, and names!)
Commitment – to the extent possible – his summons to write in Arabic, and punctuation.
Obligation to present all aspects of the subject and documented – and if the number of blog entries – such as the words to do justice to the Jews.
Commitment to add references according to possible either at the end of entry in the form of Mguettqat in English or writing and the reference link.
Entries commitment to diversification between cognitive and moral and religious tone of quiet and literary language.
Seems to be the most important thing is the commitment to blogging. And this is what I liked about blogging, like accepting relevant commitment in everything. Maybe that’s continued to experience blogging for the third year and successfully. The best gift in the past year was to encourage me to continue blogging. And the best estimate was a dialogue with the blogger conducted by me brother Tawfiq Tlemceni Observatory of Arab blogs with Zuaralkram (will be published later). And the best interest of the distinguished Indian blogger selects the best writings and translated in his blog, and then help me to write Arabic newspaper, and did not succeed.

In the end, dear reader, to tell you again: you are the owner of the second code. Do bear with me responsibility? What do you think Dear visitor in my assessment of my blog and are celebrating the end of its second year? And what Taattouka of the Code in the third year?

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