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The Islamic calendar starts with the month of Muharram, considered as sacred. The word muharram comes from the Arabic word “haraam” which means “Prohibition”. Why such a name, which moreover appears a little severe allotted to the first month of the islamic calendar?

We notice, for example, particularly in the holy koran, that Allah “thus” calls the great mosque of Makkah “Masjid-il-haraam”, “the Mosque of prohibition”. Also the dress worn by the pilgrims in the enclosure of this mosque is also called “Ihraam” which means “the forbidden” and that the one who is in the state of ihraam is thus called the “Muhrim” which means “the one who is under prohibition”…

The reasons of all these similar names which all are derived from the same significance are very simple, reagarding the great mosque of Makkah shareef, before the arrival of Islam on this ground, this place was infested by idols everywhere and the idolaters were in total perdition compared to the unicity of Allah ta’ala. Islam came to cut down the idolatrous thus cleaning this sacred mosque.

As for the dress, those who bear it during the pilgrimage, are under total interdiction of sin, even about actions which in normal time would be allowed to him such as for example making a cajolery with one’s wife or husband, under the state of Ihraam, the muhrim stay under prohibition.

Regarding the month of Muharram, which marks the beginning of a new year of the islamic calendar, the moral reason wants that the best way to begin a new year is  to avoid making sins, such a name allotted to this month, which inter alia comprises the famous “Yawm-e-`Aashourah“, the chief of all days (daytimes), celebrated on the 10th day of Muharram.

We wish you all a Happy Hijri New Year with the blessings (barkats) of Allah ta’ala.

“Kullu `aam wa antum bi khaÿr”

“Nayaa saal Mubaarak”

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