Demonstrate good character, not weapons: Imam of Ka’ba

30 Oct

By Rehan Ansari,,

Mumbai: “Purpose of man in today’s modern and technologically advanced world is to be supreme by hook or by crook. We have the modern and advance arms, ammunition and technology that can destroy the world in minutes but, ironically, is unable to establish and maintain peace according to the teachings of Islam” Imam-e-Ka’ba, Saud Al Shuraim said while delivering Friday sermon at Peace Conference ground. The Imam of Ka’ba, the place towards which Muslims turn while offering daily prayers, also led thousands of Muslims in Friday Prayer.

Shaikh Saud Al Shuraim delivering the speach before JumaImam of the holiest place, Shaikh Saud Al Shuraim, also called for unity of Muslims and said, “We can be special and different from others through Love, Brotherhood and Justice because Islam has provided the standard for peace and justice which has no parallel in this world.”

Quoting from the History of Islam, Imam of the Grand Mosque, enlightened the followers that the period of Prophet Muhammad PBUH was of war and just war, killing of human was seen as bravery but He PBUH preached love and brotherhood. He also calls all Muslims “To be pious and pray to Allah through it.”

Imam Sahab also said that Universal peace and brotherhood is a prerequisite to spread Islam and he advised Muslims “to demonstrate good moral and character rather than weapons and added “lasting peace can be availed through complete and impartial justice.”

Lastly he explained that internal differences of Muslim Ummah and division in many sects are the basic reasons behind our weakness and asked Muslims to come together according to Islam and spread its message of peace for humanity.

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