Saudi Arabia: New Doors Opening for Saudi Women

19 Sep

I, for one, am relieved that stores such as Panda are employing Saudi women as cashiers. To begin with, these positions allow more Saudi women the opportunity to work and to be viably employed in positions which provide a decent salary and benefits.  If a woman is widowed with children to support or single and wishing to support herself, opening up more positions for Saudi women as cashiers is providing additional windows of opportunity.  It is also starting to become more common for middle-class newly married Saudi couples to have both the man and woman working as they begin married life in order to make ends meet, get ahead and have a more comfortable lifestyle.

Traditionally most Saudi women will be employed by schools, banks and hospitals and usually in gender-segregated environments.  The salaries can vary but it is not unusual for a Saudi woman to work in a government school for less than 1500 SAR per month.  Whereas, Centrepoint, which now also hires Saudi female cashiers, starts with an average salary of 2500 SAR per month plus benefits.  By comparison, non-Saudi women receive about 600 SAR per month.

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