Another Ramadhan 2010

31 Aug
Another Ramadhan

Another Ramadan has arrived
And the masjids are full for terrawih
But since last year so many Muslims have departed
And millions more suffering
Hungry, homeless and ignored

We make dua
And shed many tears
Give charity
But does it help and ease their suffering?

A little ease
But the pain continues
And will continue
Until they depart from this world
And find peace at last
With their rabb

We fast and feel the hunger
As our bellies rumble
Headaches and migraines
We think we are showing solidarity
With our brethren
But are we really?

A nice iftar waits
In a comfortable house
Warm and well lit
Away from the forces of nature
Ravaging our Ummah

We fool ourselves
And think we are helping
A few pounds
A little sacrifice
Is all most of us give

But what about the solution
From the Quran and Sunnah
To alleviate and banish poverty
And make it history

Establish a state
Based on Islam
To oversee and protect
Those unfortunate
And suffering
From disasters both natural and man made

Author: Showkat Ali
N.B. No copyright in Islam, please forward and post on other forums inshAllah.

Another Ramadhan 2010

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