Allah’s Mircales. A miracle of Islam in Nepal.3gp

23 Aug

Just wanted to add that there are people with different stories, what I wrote down there is what my friend said when he gave me this video. I’m not gonna change the discription and lie to my self just because some people think its fake and rediculous. Some brothers are saying that people are pulling it and so on, and to those who say people are pulling it, even so do u think ordinary men will be able to lift heavy doom that high with out any machinery? Only with help of Allah they can, no matter how u see this, its still a MIRACLE, the emotions in brothers and sisters speaks for it self. Have faith.

I got this video from my friend, he told me that in Nepal local muslims were making a mosque and they needed one of them big construction machines to left one of the dooms up the mosque high and place on top of the tower, but non muslims refused so a white cloth dropped on the doom from the sky and the doom lifte


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