Kindly Help to Re-Build a Mosque

16 Aug

from‘Jumaana’ Syed Ali

Assalamu Alaikkum

Nabi (saw) said that a person who builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah (swt), Allah (swt) will in return build a house for him in Jannah. – Al Hadith (Bukhari, Muslim).

The Masjidhun Noor Mosque which is located in Mosque Colony, Guindy in Chennai, a metro city of India, has decided to rebuild the Mosque in 7500Sq.ft, consisting of Three Floors to accommodate 1500 members. And the above said Mosque was demolished & the ground level construction work for the new mosque has been started now in July 2010. During this Holy Month of Ramadan, kindly help us to rebuild the Mosque with your donations & dua for us to complete the construction at the earliest.

Status of Old Mosque:
• Constructed in year 1984 & demolished in July-2010
• 800 Sq.ft Prayer Area
• Just 600 members can pray
• Just One Floor
• Right now, a temporary mosque is functioning in the terrace at the 3rd floor of a home where only around 500 to 600 people can pray. During every Friday Jumma & during this Holy Ramadan month, most of the people suffer even without basic infrastructure. A heavy rain could almost affect the complete prayer hall.

Status of New Mosque:
• Ground level construction work for the new mosque has been started by July-2010
• 7500 Sq.ft Area
• 1500 Members can pray
• Three Floors
• Estimated Cost: 1,22,50,000 INR – One Crore and Twenty Two Lakhs Fifty Thousand (Almost 2,62,875 USD, as of August-14,2010)

Contact Address:
Secretary Al Haj. M.S.Syed Aburab, Mobile: 94444 76218
Masjidhun Noor Jama-Ath, No.32-A, 6th Street, Mosque Colony, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600032.

How to Donate Funds:
1) Please send the Demand Draft or Cheque in favour of “MASJIDHUN NOOR, BUILDING FUND


2) Transfer Funds to the Mosque Account mentioned below:
Bank Name: Vijaya Bank
Bank Address: No.2, First Floor, City Limit Road, Secretariat Colony, Adambakkam, Chennai – 600088, Tamilnadu, India.
Area Code: VIJB0003071
Branch: Adambakkam
A/c No: 307 100 301 000 078


3) For more informations You can Contact:
Online Fund Raiser – J.Syed Ali – +91 98401 38661 (or) Email:
Secretary – Al Haj. M.S.Syed Aburab – +91 94444 76218
Imam of the Masjidhun Noor – Maulavi Al Haj. P.S.Shahul Hameed Siraj – +91 98415 49830

Status of the Mosque in Pictures:
Click to Enlarge & Read More Details

____ _

Kind Note:
We kindly request you to provide the complete address when you donate, so that the Masjid could send an Acknowledgement receipt on the same & also will be very much helpful to let you know when the Project is completed successfully. Thanks in advance.
2) We request everyone who reads this mail to help to rebuild this Masjid by donating as much as you can & by forwarding this email to as many as friends you can. Each penny spent for a good cause has its worth & this one is pretty much the worthiest of all those.

Check for more details.


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