Days of Ramadan

14 Aug

Days of Ramadan
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Days of Ramadan
By: Dr. / Mohamed Salim Al-Awa
(When the days of Ramadan, Dr. Muhammad Salim Al-Awa message on the channel five o’clock and forty minutes, GMT )
Month of Ramadan, the month of memories dear to Muslims, an event repeated every year for meeting people, exchanging ideas, and research in the past, and look to the future, and increase good deeds, and reduce the sins and lapses.

And preoccupation with memories of religious rituals and worship in Ramadan, many people forget to return to the political realities and events of history in the making of the Islamic state from the era of prophecy to the people of this age. And interest in public affairs, to be considered on the basis of the values of Islam requires that the revisit time after time on those facts and events, as standing at the foundations and main features were trying to read the spirit fit the times in which he is reading this, and aims to benefit from them in the political movement and Islamic culture to guide future lessons of the past, and follow the example of what was present when the lesson from the model.

Saw Ramadan over the life of Islam days great immortalized in history, and some of the features of the history of humanity all, aware of each Muslim unforgettable lessons, and that month raise the morale of the Muslims and strengthen their ability to give to their religion, many of these days were the facts of the fighting in order to God who has sustained a victory where Muslims to support the change of the reality and the reality of their enemies, and put the building blocks of a fixed building the Islamic state in its times ancient and modern.

I have chosen for this holy month (Ramadan 1431 H) a number of important events in history, political Islam, and stood at each event, including trying to make what you said about the benefit of the present and the future in light of past lessons and proceedings.

These days and start the day of Badr, who is on a political victory first in the history of Islam and Muslims. Then going through these days and the facts of Islam fourteen centuries past as it comes to our meeting with the last day of the Ramadan War 1393 e October 1973.

Between these two days, two great comes several days and occurred in different parts of the land of Islam, both on the characteristics, causes and consequences, which should we teach our children, and to make them newly useful in our councils, and to know the names of places and their positions, and to know the names of heroes who have participated in their positions and aware of the impact on all of them in the establishment of our civilization, or maintain, or expand its scope.
This is one Mkror hostile, but true health as a whole, the nations that do not know history do not present nor the future. But history is not only an account, nor is it to achieve a novel and correction of multiple accounts of the event one, but history in the truth through sermons and lessons to take from it, as he wrote a chapter on the extent Motanaby Alaqraih and minds. Many people are ashamed of their history and shirked the facts that some people with pens and tongues in our time are not very good considering it does not trust him, and those forget that it is true sayings words of the poet:
How many people criticize (is) true
Passed Adwa!!

One of the aims of this series on the days of Ramadan to correct some of the mala, and correct some of the ideas, and had our youth to understand the history and mankind its Bhakaigah and pride in the face of those who deny us that the whole or any part of it. It is not like that through the industry heroes, and the strengthening of the generations, and to recover the lost glory is not lacking. The case feels that his glory was missing from a real place that persists in the ongoing work for the glory, and sacrificed by Balgaly cheap in order to recover and return to it.

The case feels that the lost glory is missing is no way to renew its cry and it grieves his loss, made to sit for any effort to be filed by one step in the industry for glory.
This is the Islamic nation that lacks glory since lost, and where the reformists works one after another, and a generation of the impact of generation to revive them, and the achievement of its civilization.
If these series of days of Ramadan a role in this way That is what we are to, and only good comes to you and I went
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