A Humble Proposal

04 Aug

Madelyn was over.. We were working on a project for our 5th grade class. As we put together our poster, the athan (call for prayer) for Asr (afternoon prayer) was called. I got up, made wudhu (ablution) and prayed with my mother and siblings. Madelyn watched us with keen interest. When we finished, she asked very simply: Why did we bowed down like that? As I turned to answer her, I paused, a sudden thought flashing through my heart.

Stop! Lower Yourself!

Boasting comes second nature to us. It is an inclination we must pull back from. Whatever the object of our pride is – our talents, our striving, our material wealth, and even (especially) our religious practices – we must remind ourselves that one of Satan’s prime objectives is to lead us astray by way of ingratitude, by way of forgetting the ultimate source of our success – Allah.

Indeed, the Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam (please be upon him), has said, “He who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of arrogance shall not enter paradise,” (Bukhari). The implications of this statement are frightening, especially as we live in an outside-in world. That is, a world where were are largely judged and treated according to our outward qualities – what sort of brand names we wear, what cars we drive, what education we have (and from where), and even how much Qur’an we’ve memorized – and the list goes on.

The scary thing here is that in being prideful we deprive ourselves of our otherwise rightful reward. Through boasting and conceit we take the blessing out of our successes and strivings.

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