Globalization and the Muslim Society

27 Jul

With the advances of rapid transportation, instant information and communication, the world, from Atlantic to Afghanistan, is converting into a global village; the distance and difference are changing substantively and speedily and becoming irrelevant. The line of demarcation between diverse cultures and civilizations, in the ever-shrinking world, is said to be becoming blurred. The assimilation process is giving rise to the phenomenon of the so-called globalization; a universally integrated social and cultural environment where science and technology will be shared and free trade will prevail among nations. With the premise that all cultures are equal, the presumed global culture, we are told, would be equally participated and shared by entire human race; thus enlarging the scope of international solidarity and fellowship.

However, when we cut through the elitist’s rhetoric of globalization, we find ourselves twinkling around at the glimmering light of the western world.

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from    IslamiCity Bulletin


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