Some New Sonnets

26 Jul

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The new sonnetes for you…Just few words and thoughts from my heart.

Sonnet 1

O, My God,..
What is going out
in that autumn night
I hear the birds singing only for us
I see all world lights spread just to us
Through the gray clouds,
That ray of light comes
With some drops of rains
from that far sky
just For us
They are celebrating our day of forgiveness
We sing with them
Oh God forgive us
And lead us
I know you do not forget
And everything is there saved in the holy book
But God, could you forgive us
, if you please
Just for our week hearts

Sonnet 2

Oh my lord

Our souls ascend for you in heaven
Would they go to paradise or hell?
This is by your choice
You are the most merciful
So, if you please
Give us your choice to go to paradise
By your choice only,
We do not have any will
In that world
Even our work and what we did
We know that we are full of sins
So please God choose upon your choice
Not our work
We are very poor
We do not have any good activities
Even if we have, these will not enough or the paradise

Sonnet  3

My lord
Even words cannot adore or esteem Him
Silently, I ask Him
as I have no proper words to say
All words are less than He deserves
So, I ask Him directly
Please forget us
Please give us
You are the only
Who forgives and gives
O. my God


One response to “Some New Sonnets


    July 26, 2010 at 3:05 am

    thank you, bless you


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