No Bosniaks, No Muslims!

24 Jul

“I came back because [General  Ratko] Mladic said there wouldn’t be any of us left here in Srebrenica. No Bosniaks, no Muslims. My aunt also came back to Srebrenica to show them we’re still here, we’re staying here,” she says. Before the war, some of her best friends were Bosnian Serbs, but that has changed. Alma won’t say more than ‘hello’ to them: “I know that tomorrow they would do exactly the same [as they did in 1995].” Alma asked not to be identified because “you never know what can happen when night falls.”

Source: The Ghosts of Srebrenica

Published on : 13 July 2010 – 1:35pm | By International Justice Tribune (ANP)

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Published on : 13 July 2010 – 1:53pm | By International Justice Tribune (Photo: Thijs Bouwknegt)

راتكو ملاديتش (بالإنجليزية: Ratko Mladić‏) ولد عام 1942 كان ضابطاً في الجيش الصربي، وهو متهم بإتهامات منها الإبادة الجماعية وجرائم ضد الإنسانية التي حلت بالبوسنة والهرسك ويعد هاربا من قبضة العدالة منذ عام 1995.


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