Ban or limit use of Three “C’s

03 Jul

Mr T N Seshan, former Chief Election Commissioner of India and an erudite scholar mentioned that there are three evils starting with “C” affecting our Children; Channels (TV), Computers and Cell phones.

Unrestricted and uncensored use of these is surely an important cause of poor health status of our youngsters.

Sitting in front of computers and glued to TV’s makes them physically inactive and mentally distracted in useless and harmful information and entertainment overload. About 4 to 5 decades back, children coming back from schools would go out to play some game or other in a nearby ground till it is dark.

But now either they play videogames on computers or watch comics in TV or are forced by parents to go for tuition or do home work or are sent for some special coaching in music, dance or painting etc even if the child is not interested.

Ideally, don’t have a TV in your house; but this may be unacceptable to most people. But you can surely control its use by you and other adults as well as children.

Allow children to see TV only at some specified times and only some specific channels. Adults should avoid seeing TV when children are around. Don’t use of TV as distraction to feed a child. No play stations and no video games or allowed only as a rare treat on a holiday. Do not keep CDs of comics or children’s stories or mythologicals. Instead illustrated children’s books are to be made available. Bedtime story telling by mother or grand parent was a pleasurable activity of yesteryears and it can be revived and resurrected.

Either do not keep a computer or laptop in the house or if you do have it, lock it up to prevent use by children. They will easily learn how to use it beneficially at a later age.

And there is absolutely no need to buy cell phones till your child becomes an adult or when he can buy it by his own earnings.

Source: Unknown


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