Dr Nasoha Saabin

22 Jun

He is the son of the first Malay graduate in an approved health and Optometry from the University of Melbourne Australia. As for his interest in holistic health field, he founded and operate the medical treatment of stress and body treatments at the clinic holistic Integrative Wellness Centre, IHWC. He believes that the overall human health can only be achieved when health encompasses health, mental and spirit. He believes that health is influenced by lifestyle. Lifestyle influenced by the human mind and the confidence and the confidence and the human mind is influenced by human speech. His research in this field has taken him to the discovery of the world’s best therapists in the world to change lifestyles or human behavior. He produced an audio form of therapy for all ages from newborn babies, children, adolescents and adults. Among them are;

1. Therapy for Children Smart generate
2. Therapy to generate Smart Youth
3. Therapy for Smart Students
4. Therapy for Parents Smart
5. Therapy for Smart Worker
6. Therapy for various problems and pressures

This therapy removes the pressure and change human behavior. It subsequently healed human health in a holistic manner, he cited as Nasoha Wellness Therapy. He has written a book in English about health and they are still in the process of publishing his name I’m Healthy, I’m Wealthy (I’m healthy I’m Rich) PTS issued Publication 2008. He has written books on religion and society, among them:

1. Managing handle Husband Wife, PTS Publications, 2004
2. Uphold the mosque, Utusan Publications, 2001
3. How Imanku Better Today than Yesterday, the Era of Knowledge, 2000

He also wrote the song lyrics with the concept of divinity, patriotism and nature appreciation;

1. Album Tun Dr Mahathir, Jasamu Dikenang ~ in the market
2. Album regrets, Radzi Melissa ~ in the market
3. Patriotic Songs Album ~ in the making

He is currently Head of the Faculty of Optometry at the International University College of Technology Twintech, Chairman of Octagon Petroleum Technology Sdn Bhd and a Director and Principal Consultant in Integrative holistic Wellness Centre.

To learn more about his intellectual product, please click here

To get more information to treat various diseases of the body and treating bad behavior and stress,

Please contact En. Shahrul Nizam 012 6267945.


On the web site of Smart Child


Can continue to the clinic at the address;

Jalan 1, Taman Greenwood (Front door of the main Masjid Ar-Rahimah)
68100 Batu Caves
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Office Tel: +60361853089

brochure_wellness center

Tel Pejabat: +60361853089

brochure_wellness centre

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