Religious Scholars Hold Conference to Support Gaza

16 Jun

-500 Islamic and Christian scholars and researchers discussed in a conference in Syria on Monday the role of religious scholars in supporting Gaza, Palestine and the resistance.

The conference, titled “From the Mihrab of Damascus to the Mihrab of al-Aqsa… an Outcry from the Nation’s Conscience… Support for the People of Gaza,” is organized by the Directorate of Religious Endowments (Awqaf) of Damascus Countryside governorate.

In a speech at the conference, Minister of Religious Endowments Mohammad Abdul Sattar al-Sayyed stressed the need for bolstering the culture of resistance in the Islamic and Arab nation, underlining the role of Islamic and Christian scholars in strengthening the nation’s resilience, particularly the besieged Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

The Minister called for Arab and Islamic unity of rank and for cooperating with Syria’s efforts to support the Palestinian cause. He also condemned the Israeli piracy against the Freedom Flotilla.

Participants in the conference stressed that the Palestinian cause is a central cause, calling for finding immediate solutions to relieve the suffering of the Palestinian people.

They said that the Freedom Flotilla uncovered the Israeli arrogance and barbarism and showed that the world wants to support the Palestinian people’s rights.

The scholars affirmed that the region seeks peace, as the Middle East had always been the origin of messengers of peace, underlining the human, spiritual and religious significance of Jerusalem.

They noted that historic facts prove that Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people, and that Israel attempts to distort facts and history, adding that the resistance and the continuing Syrian support for it produced repeated victories.

The two-day conference discusses various issues, including the role of religious scholars in supporting Gaza, means for breaking the siege on Gaza, and the right of resistance and differentiating between it and terrorism.

Source: ISRIA

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