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12 Jun

Dawah Centre


History behind history

India is one of the most fortunate countries to have been blessed with the world’s greatest civilization – Islam – as early as the 7th century A.D. The glorious companions of the Prophet Muhammad (sal) brought Islam to the shores of India and thus sowed the seeds of peace, progress, salvation and prosperity in this part of the world.

The selfless dedication of a great number of saints and spiritual ambassadors contributed further to the establishment of The Religion of Truth.
As always, the people of vested interest created barriers in the form of caste and community. The suppression of truth became the order of the day. The southern state of Tamil Nadu was no exception.

The colonial British came, ruled and left. After Independence, Self-respect and Rationalist Movements came up with their own brand of ‘liberation’. Ambedkar’s revolt against the oppressive society led to many developments. The suppressed lot arose from slumber. They tried to remove the chains of bondage. Unfortunately, lack of concerted efforts among Muslims led many to accept Buddhism.

People realised the truth. Islam alone is the champion of equality and brotherhood. Slowly people started embracing Islam. 1970s and 1980s saw many a convert to Islam. When people come into the fold of Islam voluntarily, it becomes the collective responsiblity of the Ummah to teach and train them to lead a life of righteousness. South India Ishatul Islam was formed by a group of Musilims. But then it could not undertake the challenging task of reformation, education and training.

The Tamil Nadu Zone of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind responded to the call of the hour. It realised the dire need of establishing a Centre for Education and Training to the new converts to Islam. The ISLAMIC CENTRE VELLORE is a pioneering institution of Tamilnadu. Eversince its establishment, the ISLAMIC CENTRE VELLORE has been a source of solace and education to the new entrants of Islam. Alhamdulillah. The ICV is in its 25th year of meaningful existence. We are focus firmly on Education & Orientation, Higher Education and Training, Secular Education to the Children, Tableegh in Mosques & Maktabs and Postal Library.

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