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I would like to share my experience with those who are interested in the work of behaviors therapy. I always wonder why some people can become good while others become bad. I do not believe that it is fated. I do not believe that a person is fated to become a bad person since the day they are born. I wonder why some people become bad. I want to find out the reasons why people become bad. I believe once we know the reasons why some people become bad, we will also know how to make a person to become good. Once we know the reasons why a person becomes bad we will know the treatment to make a bad person to become good. In reality, I am trying to find the cure of bad behaviors. As far as I know, no one in the world has ever found the treatment of bad behaviors and this is because in the world there are very few people who are interested in behaviors treatment. Allah has made me to be very interested in behaviors treatment, as I believe behaviors are the pinnacles of human success in this world and in the life hereafter. My curiosity on why some people become bad while others become good has led me to many years of research on behaviour therapy.

In order to find the answers to my questions, I have to look at the Quran and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. As Allah creates men, I strongly believe that only Allah knows on how men can become good and why men become bad. Many researches on human behaviors have not look at the Quran as the source of reference and thus they often met with failures. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said with approximate meaning that men are good when their hearts are good and their hearts will become good when their speeches are good. Allah says in the Quran with approximate meaning, whose speeches are better than the speeches of those who call people to Allah and they have good behaviors and they say they are among the obedient. In other words, the speeches that men utter can become medicines or poisons to their heart. Medicines are not only foods that men eat but medicines are also speeches that men uttered. Good foods and good speeches are medicines for men CLICK. Good foods are medicines for the body and good speeches are medicines for the mind and the soul CLICK. Good speeches are medicines for the soul and the minds and good soul and mind will bring good behaviors.

Bad behaviors arise from bad soul and mind. Bad souls and minds are the result of frequently speaking bad words. We speak bad words because we often hear bad words spoken to us since we are young. We hear bad and negative words initially from our parents and then from our friends. Speaking and hearing frequently bad and negative words finally resulting in bad and negative belief and mental outlook. Bad and negative belief and mental outlook finally lead to bad behaviors. Bad behaviors lead to emotional stress and emotional stress lead to bodily and mental diseases. What is bad and good speeches? Bad speeches are the speeches that have the element of lying. Good speeches are the speeches that have the element of truth. What is the truth? The truth is none is great but Allah. None has done it except Allah. None fulfills all my needs except Allah. None can do except Allah and other than Allah can only do with the permission of Allah. When we say we are great, we are lying and that is bad words. When we say we are the one who do it then we are lying. When we say, with the permission of Allah, we are able to do it, then we are talking the truth and it is a good speeches. When we say, we can do it then we are lying and that is a bad words. The good words are, with the permission of Allah we are able to do it. This speech is a good speech. When we frequently hear and talk good speeches, our heart becomes good and when our heart becomes good, our behavior becomes good.

With the permission of Allah, I have invented a behavioral therapy known in Bahasa Malaysia as Terapi Bicara Kendiri CLICK or Self –Talk Therapy CLICK. The therapy consists of series of good sentences that related to certain behaviors that we would like to treat. I will write those sentences and then I will record it using my own personal voice. A person taking the therapy will have to hear those recorded sentences attentively and then after hearing it, an adequate time given to him or her in order to repeat those sentences. Each sentence recorded three times and the listener would have to hear and to repeat those sentences three times.

Each particular therapy consists of several tracks and each track consists of about twenty sentences. Anyone who is taking a particular therapy would have to takes each track per day and three times in a day. They have to hear and to repeats, each sentences in each track three-time. When all the sentences in all the tracks in a particular therapy have been heard and repeated, the same procedures starting from track one is repeated all over again. By listening and talking the good sentences repeatedly, a time will come when the soul and the mind will become good. When the soul and the mind become good, the behaviors become good.

One postgraduate (PhD) student from University Utara Malaysia has conducted researched on the effectiveness of this therapy in changing behaviors of workers in Padang Terap Sugar Cane Factory. The study takes about two years. The study uses the therapy to change the behaviors of workers known as ‘Pekerja Bestari ‘invented by Dr Nasoha Saabin. The study has been completed and it has becomes her PhD thesis. The results of the research, concluded that self-talk therapy, Pekerja Bestari invented by Dr Nasoha Saabin is effective in changing the behaviors of workers, provided the procedures in taking the therapy is abide to. All government workers can buy this therapy on credit through Persatuan Koperasi Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. It costs about RM375 and together with the therapy in the form of MP3, there will be a book on the topic, Mengendalikan Urusan Suami Isteri, also written by Dr Nasoha Saabin. All workers who want to become a good worker should take this therapy.

Dr.Nasoha Saabin
May 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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