Respect your children!

06 Jun

By S.A.Mansoor Ali

“AKRIMOO AWLAADAKUM – WA AHSINOO ADAABAHUM – FA INNA AWLAADAKUM HADIYYATUN ILAIKUM” (Ibn Majah)  “Dignify your children! Beautify their manners!For definitely – your children are a gift to you!”

Insight: 1. The first part “Akrimoo Awlaadakum” includes the following meanings:

² Honour your children

² Respect your children

² Dignify your children

2. The Arabic term ‘Ikram’ is comprehensive in its meaning. The word Karuma means – to be noble, high-minded, noble hearted, magnanimous, generous, liberal, munificent, to be precious, to honour, revere, venerate, treat with deference, to exalt, bestow honour upon, etc., So the point is to dignify your children with all the meanings of the term karuma.

3. One of Allah’s beautiful names is Al-Karim. Also please refer the following verse of the Quran for the term Ikram: 17:70

² “Indeed We have conferred dignity on the children of Adam” (Muhammad Asad)

4. The second part “Wa ahsinoo adaabahum” can be rendered into English as “beautify and perfect their manners and conduct” or “make their discipline excellent”.

5. Husn again is an important Islamic term, the meaning includes – beauty, handsomeness, prettiness, excellence, superiority, perfection etc.,

6. The third part “fa inna awlaadakum hadiyyatun ilaikum” means  “for definitely – your children are a gift to you! In this sense our children are “amanath” from Allah so that we are answerable to Allah regarding our children!

7. All the times our scholars would insist ahadith like “Paradise lies under the feet of your mother”. But I feel as parents we have forgotten our part on how to treat our children!

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